Category: <span>Fire Alarm Inspection</span>

Category: Fire Alarm Inspection

Repair, Replace, Build-Out, All New and a Little Leniency

If you are in the construction business, you probably have experienced sticker shock related to the costs of obtaining permits.  Along with the cost of the permit comes the needed preparation work for submittal documents and contractor fees.  Plan on costly delays in receiving your final approval documents as typically …

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Prevent Warehouse Fires with Regular Inspections

Storage facilities and warehouses present a unique challenge due to the variety of items stored and substantial amount of storage in cubic volume.  Warehouses which host potentially flammable materials pose an even greater challenge in safeguarding contents and buildings from devastating fire damage. Warehouse fires are most commonly caused by …

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NFPA 96: Commercial Cooking Equipment Update

NFPA 96 is the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, recently receiving a commercial cooking equipment update to the 2017 Edition.  NFPA 1, Chapter 50 addresses the design, installation, inspection, maintenance and operational standards for all public commercial cooking equipment as well as private cooking …

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Fire Extinguisher Testing for All Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an important part of any fire and safety system, often saving property and lives by extinguishing a blaze before it becomes destructive or deadly.  Portable fire extinguisher testing is critical to maintaining a fire and safety system that is ready when you need it.  Commercial property owners …

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Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection Recommendations from NFPA

Commercial properties are required to have regular inspections conducted on their fire alarm systems and components to ensure safety systems are operating as intended.  If your fire and safety alert system experiences a malfunction or is not ready in case of emergency, it is basically useless and could provide no …

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Fire Alarm Testing Vital to Performance and Cost Savings

Fire alarm detection and warning systems should be considered one of the most important parts of a building, in addition to the steel, walls and windows.  Consideration of the safety of your occupants, whether family, employees or the public, should be the number one concern for any building owner.   Owners …

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Fire Alarm Inspections Reap Big Cost Benefits

Fire alarms are one of the most important features of commercial property, designed to save lives in cases of emergency and prevent massive property damage. Building owners have a responsibility to all occupants and visitors to provide a safe building structure, one equipped with fire detection, warning and evacuation procedures. …

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Preparing for and Certifying Your Fire System Inspection

Properly functioning fire detection and alarm systems are essential life protection elements of high-rise buildings. These are designed to work in harmony to identify potential emergencies, alert the occupants, and direct an orderly evacuation. Simultaneously, emergency first responders should be alerted to the problem in order to arrive at the …

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