Category: <span>Fire Alarm Inspection</span>

Category: Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Installing a state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated fire detection and notification system in your high-rise residential, office, or medical facility is only the beginning. Though these systems may be able to identify rapidly developing fire and smoke threats instantly, they are only effective in saving lives if they are properly maintained. Share …

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Fire System Inspection: Who Does them & What to Expect

There is no greater priority in maintaining a building than ensuring the facility’s fire detection and notification systems are in top condition. Too many lives are lost and billions of dollars in property disappear because of potentially avoidable fire situations. The major reasons for these losses is the inadequacy or …

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OSHA: Fire Detection Requirements

Building occupants and employees must be guaranteed that building owners have taken necessary precautions to ensure fire detection and evacuation processes are in place and quick response is assured. Electronic detection devices, sensors and clearly mapped evacuation routes reduce the potential for death or injury from smoke, fire and hazardous …

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Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

Properly maintained and inspected fire alarm systems are essential to the safety of every occupant of any-sized buildings. Malfunction can mean a tragic failure and result in the unnecessary loss of life. Every building in Aurora, whether office or residential, educational or retail, and every type of medical facility must …

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Fire Alarm Inspection Requirement In Chicago

Chicago is a city known for high rise construction and some of the world’s largest buildings. City building codes and requirements include very specific instructions for the placement and types of fire detection systems. Architects and building managers are required to meet very specific standards for fire alarm types, performance …

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