Commercial Clients

When constructing or remodeling a commercial building, engineers and designers must provide highly effective and redundant fire and smoke safety systems. Thousands of people pass through these structures daily and their physical safety is the principal priority. During the design phase, commercial clients responsible for construction or remodel will collaborate with professional certified fire alarm designers to coordinate the best course of action, including the number and correct placement of fire and smoke safety devices.

To ensure prompt fire detection and safe evacuation of occupants from commercial high rise buildings, High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) of Burr Ridge brings industry best practices. Since 2004, they have provided the most modern and sophisticated fire and smoke detection, alarm and evacuation systems available.

Requirements for a Commercial High Rise Building

During the design process, HRSS implements sophisticated techniques to economically safeguard building occupants. The proper number and placement of sophisticated detection systems are vital. Working with the architectural plans, technicians at HRSS employ CAD technology to design and locate the safest network of detection and alarm systems possible.

Meeting and exceeding strict NFPA and local AHJ standards with state of the art equipment should be the objective for commercial clients. HRSS supplies highly sophisticated Notifier by Honeywell equipment plus several other brands of fire detection and alarms systems.

Implementation, Training and Follow-up

After all systems have been installed and repeatedly tested, HRSS experts provide training to clients to ensure that each device is managed properly. Also, for additional peace of mind, HRSS will provide follow-up training and regularly scheduled maintenance.

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