Educational Clients

Intrusion, surveillance, fire and personal safety protection in educational facilities should be of the highest priority for educational clients. During construction planning or during retrofitting projects, designers and engineers must make sure that the type and placement of fire and smoke detection devices are properly placed within each building. Highly effective emergency alarm and evacuation strategies must be carefully planned in advance.

University, secondary and early education facilities must manage entry and exit of hundreds of students, faculty and other personnel daily. Personal security threats come in many forms today, so sophisticated emergency planning is essential. Early detection/security and early warning systems are vital parts of these facilities.

Cutting corners is not an option. With professional advanced planning, security system costs can be minimized early on during the first phases of construction.

Design Collaboration

The pre-construction phase is the best time for you to integrate fire detection, suppression, alarm and evacuation systems for educational clients. Expert technicians, like High Rise Security Systems, employ CAD design capability to create model scenarios for the quantity, type and placement of every element of the system. Proper design saves you time and money while optimizing the fire and mass communication systems, and protecting lives.

Emergency Evacuation System

Each building is unique and the challenges to protect individuals within an educational structures. Meeting NFPA requirements for the placement of detection and alarm devices is only the beginning. Ensuring organized and timely evacuation is a critical consideration for managing safe and prompt evacuations without a bottleneck. Today emergency communication systems take the form of both private and public mode signalling. From web based, targeted audiences, systems must be designed to prioritize the hazard and make a specific announcements pertaining to the learned event.

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