Healthcare Clients

Residents of hospitals and senior care facilities are particularly vulnerable to the outbreak of fire, smoke emissions and other potentially catastrophic events. Early warning is an absolute requirement in these cases and special building codes are designed to minimize risk.

Healthcare clients look to experienced engineers and designers to incorporate the most sophisticated fire safeguards, early alerts and evacuation strategies into the construction or retrofit of their facilities. Companies like High Rise Security Systems of Burr Ridge provide variable safety input in the design process. Collaborating with the architects, and engineers, HRSS autocad technicians can reproduce the entire floor plan of the building using the latest CAD technology.

Safety Starts with the Design

With a computerized representation of the building, experts simulate a range of potential life-threatening situations. Besides locating the latest, state-of-the-art detection and alarm systems from Notifier by Honeywell, designers calculate the precise number of sensors and alarms required to meet today’s demanding codes in the specifications. High sensitivity smoke detectors, automatic fire detection, voice alarm systems, 2-way voice systems, emergency voice communications are strategically located throughout the facilities.

HRSS also coordinates low voltage electrical systems such as, areas of rescue, nurse call systems and individual monitoring systems for healthcare clients.

Evacuation Procedures

Designers and security specialists pay particular attention to smoke and fire wall construction. Often evacuation routes and strategies are planned around these construction barriers. With sophisticated warning systems and effective contingency strategies, staff can be alerted to the safest exit routes for patients from any sector.

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