Hospitality Clients

Hospitality clients such as hotels, convention centers and resorts have guests who are not aware of their new surrounding which can pose a particular risk for fire and smoke events. Due to the presence of kitchens, in-room cooking facilities and other fossil fuel equipment, carbon monoxide detection might be necessary. Designers of new venues and renovations are charged with ensuring that the best life safety devices and evacuation plans are in place for the protection of what may be thousands of occupants at many of the larger venues.

Working with the most experienced fire/security experts, hospitality clients strive to reduce risk by installing the best state of the art technology.

Role of Fire Security Experts

Hotels remodel their facilities every 8 to 10 years to freshen the guest experience and to integrate current practices and technology. Bolstering the security and safety of the guests and staff is the most important mission of the remodel. Fire detection and security are dominant priorities.

In the Chicago area, High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, brings industry best practices to the new construction and remodels. Designing with CAD technology allows HRSS to replicate each sector of the building, including high-risk areas to determine the best sensors and locations to optimize the protection. For easy installation of new UL listed integrated wireless systems, you can provide versatility and centralized command control allows for human interface as needed.

Fire Safety Blueprint

Whether working on a new construction or remodel, technicians follow very specific guidelines by NFPA and local jurisdiction standards for fire safety. The number and placement of detection and alarm devices plus evacuation routes must be defined. Exceeding those standards is the best option.

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