Area Of Rescue

An Area of Rescue is a location in a building designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency, when evacuation may not be safe or possible. Occupants enter these designated spaces and communicate with first responders requesting assistance to evacuate. HRSS has an objective to provide safe and secure communication as a result of any emergency situation. Whether you need a cost effective Area of Rescue system consisting of (1) Master Station and (4) Call Stations or a larger system such as a Master Station, Sub-Stations, and (200) Call Stations, HRSS is the company that can handle these needs. AHJ’s also require signage, these required illuminated designated signs identify these spaces as Area of Rescue. HRSS has over 12 years of Area of Rescue and Nurse Call experience and we provide excellent customer service. HRSS offers many different manufacturers for your building needs along with design build capabilities, and retro-fit applications.

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