Fire Alarm Service

Fire detection and alarm system providers usually include a wide range of services from design, sales and installation to ongoing maintenance, testing and monitoring. Reputable, certified fire alarm services can eliminate any concerns you may have for equipment condition or malfunction.


How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

Regular inspection and maintenance of this important safety equipment is essential and required by the National Fire Protection Association and recommended by the manufacturers. The equipment can be very technical and requires special training to maintain properly. HRSS is the best choice for ongoing inspection.

Selecting a fire alarm service begins at the building design or renovation planning stage. Some selection criteria include:

  • Reputation: what do other customers think?
  • Affiliations: which company’s products do they sell and service?
  • Longevity: have they been in business over a decade?
  • Licensed and Certified: what industry certifications have they earned?
  • 24-Hour Service: do they provide emergency repair and 24-hour monitoring?
  • Product Range: what products and services are available?

Fire alarm service means more than just looking at the equipment periodically. Procedures required for maintaining fire alarms depend on the age and type of equipment. Earlier generation alarm systems tended to be more mechanical and require more traditional servicing like simple cleaning and defective part replacement. But even more modern electronic systems are subject to deterioration.

When a system reaches 15 years or so, they may still work properly if they are well maintained. However, if an extensive building remodel is coming, as hotels tend to do in that time, an upgrade or replacement of the fire detection and alarm system should be accomplished at the same time.

New systems require the same types of maintenance, and should be tested regularly. These electronic systems are designed to “report” their own problems such as missing, or other electronics malfunction.

Vandalism is a frequent cause of problems that will impair performance. Your fire alarm service company should be immediately available to repair damage and replace parts as needed.

Regular testing is necessary under any circumstance because malfunctioning equipment can lead to catastrophic results in the loss of human life and more extensive property damage. And, on the financial side, fire alarm service with regular testing and maintenance will eliminate the costs of emergency repairs.

Fire Alarm System Testing Process by a Certified Fire Alarm Technician

Here are some standard steps that the licensed alarm technician will usually undertake during an inspection:

  • Inspect the sensors to identify problems. These can become blocked or dirty, thereby rendering them ineffective.
  • Simulate smoke or gas conditions to test the system.
  • Set or reset the sensitivity levels.
  • Test the fire department or central station connection for proper signals.
  • Check and change all batteries to ensure power back-up capability is sufficient.

HRSS- High Rise Security Systems Burr Ridge

Expert and certified on many types of security and fire alarm systems, HRSS provides expert technical assistance in planning, installation, maintenance and monitoring throughout the Chicagoland area. A leader in the industry, HRSS has been in business for over a decade and has partnered with some of the prominent companies in the fire alarm industry.

HRSS represents Notifier by Honeywell equipment, ranked among the best in the business. Their portfolio of products include high-sensitivity smoke detection, voice systems, one way and two way voice systems with smart devices to protect building occupants and facilitate proper and timely evacuation.

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