Fire And Safety

High Rise Security Systems, LLC are fire and safety specialists with experience in all features required for commercial fire alarm systems. We are recognized as leaders in the industry of fire safety systems, working with building engineers and contractors to develop code compliant safety systems for commercial and industrial properties. We provide a quick response to our customer needs with open communication from our experienced staff.

Fire and safety systems must begin with a proper design, whether for new construction or when renovating existing properties. Proper placement of alarm devices and sensors is critical for generating timely alerts to occupants and dispatching to emergency responders. Linking these alerts to existing security systems, whether internally or centrally monitored, provides comprehensive protection and proper evacuation procedures.

HRSS provides fire detection and safety systems which include these features and many additional services such as providing UL listed equipment, maintenance, repair, and monitoring 24/7/365 to a wide range of commercial properties.

HRSS Provides Comprehensive Fire and Safety Services

HRSS provides comprehensive fire and safety system services including professional fire alarm system design from our experienced designers. Our design department utilizes AutoCAD software to determine critical control points of all sensors to detect smoke or noxious gases. We are experienced in proper placement of all equipment and alarms such as strobes for visual alerts and audible evacuation speakers which help occupants to evacuate the property safely, reducing panic and confusion.

Linking fire and safety systems with security systems provides added protection such as auto locking or unlocking of doors from a single location. Linking systems can include closed-circuit video cameras to allow visual evaluation of properties, which is beneficial in elevators, and motion sensors which can alert activity to first responders.

Providing the proper design, placement of equipment and sensors, and linking to central monitoring systems are important features of fire alarm and safety systems which make the difference between life and death, when seconds count.

HRSS Provides Fire and Safety Systems to Many Industries

HRSS provides code compliant fire and safety systems to a wide range of commercial and industrial properties including school campuses, healthcare complexes, hospitality properties, high-rise, low-rise and many other types of commercial properties. We design each system based upon the unique architecture and requirements of each individual client. Our technicians are factory trained and NICET certified to fulfill our commitment to providing the most reliable fire safety system available today.

High Rise Security Systems is a leading provider of fire detection and alarm systems in Illinois and around the Chicago area. We provide necessary data sheets for total code compliance and are committed to providing safety to building occupants. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services with all things related to fire and safety.

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