Fire And Safety

Maintaining the personal safety of the occupants is the first priority of any building design. Whether for a new construction or a renovation, building owners and engineers can select from a broad menu of high-tech fire and safety features designed to protect the inhabitants, contents and the building itself from potential disaster.

Fire and smoke detection linked to other security features allows for central monitoring from on-site and remote locations. More sensitive than older systems, strategically spaced sensors and alarm devices can instantly alert occupants, in-house control centers and external monitoring services of any detectable irregularities in the atmosphere caused by smoke or noxious gases. Fire departments and police are contacted and dispatched immediately to the site before the most severe damage can occur.

Quick response and evacuation are critical to protecting occupants.

Developing a Fire and Safety System

During construction, designers and engineers collaborate with fire security companies to develop the best fire alarm, smoke detection and fire suppression systems to provide the maximum security for the occupants. Using computer-aided design technology (AutoCAD), the fire and safety team will recreate the building layout to identify critical control points to ensure the proper number and placement of each sensor, alarm device and fire suppression equipment. Every project is different and the needs vary depending on the size, configuration and use of the building. High-rise apartments, healthcare centers with multiple wings and multi-story office buildings require different system layouts for monitoring, detection and evacuation. Fire suppressant systems may be added in parts of or throughout the buildings, which are monitored by the fire alarm system.

Maintaining the Fire and Safety Security System

Every building or facilities manager should work with HRSS to supply, install, maintain and monitor their systems. We are available at all times for unexpected emergencies. Certified technicians are assigned to perform regular inspection, testing and maintenance to ensure proper operations and eliminate risk.
All fire detection systems should be inspected for wear and deterioration ensuring that sensors have not become blocked from normal ambient dust and dirt over time. Worn components will malfunction and need replacement so they will function properly when needed.

Linking the Fire and Safety Systems with Building Security

Fire, smoke and gas detection systems may be integrated into the building automation system and the buildings network systems. With proper design, individuals, whether internal security or an external monitoring company, can “see” virtually all activity throughout the building. From a single location, doors may be centrally locked for security while they may be universally unlocked for evacuation and access by emergency personnel. Central control with closed-circuit TV cameras, elevator observation and motion sensors can locate individuals throughout the facility in times of emergency.

High Rise Security Systems (HRSS)

HRSS is a primary Chicago area fire and safety system supplier and monitoring service. Licensed and certified for designing, installing and monitoring state-of-the-art fire safety equipment such as Notifier by Honeywell, HRSS participates in the design and development of systems for high rise apartment buildings, universities and healthcare facilities throughout the region.

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