MACURCO Gas Detection

carbon monoxide detectorCM-E1
CM-E1 is a low voltage Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector that is designed to connect to an UL Listed Fire Alarm/Burglar Control Panel. UL standard 2075 for the Safety for Gas, Vapor Detector and Sensors. Also tested to UL 2075 using UL 2034 Sensitivity limits for carbon monoxide gas.
CM-6 or CM-12
Both the CM-6 and CM-12 are low voltage, dual rely Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, controllers and transducers. They use electronic detection to measure the concentration of CO to provide feedback to activate automatic exhaust fans or valve controls to reduce the CO concentrations in parking garages, maintenance facilities or other commercial settings.

12 Series Data Sheet
CM-6 Data Sheet
CM-E1 Data Sheet

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