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Repair, Replace, Build-Out, All New and a Little Leniency

If you are in the construction business, you probably have experienced sticker shock related to the costs of obtaining permits.  Along with the cost of the permit comes the needed preparation work for submittal documents and contractor fees.  Plan on costly delays in receiving your final approval documents as typically …

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Quam Speaker

Quam Speaker- UL22/25/DM The Quam Speaker UL22/25/DM provides reliable communications in a 2’ x 2’ fire signaling device, a critical component of any mass notification system. The Quam Speaker includes a 10-oz. magnet,  8” O.D. fire retardant loudspeaker and 4W-25V rotary select transformer with integral junction box.  The Grille is …

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BDA Bi-Directional Antenna: Components, Code Requirements and More

The last time I checked, coax cable, RG58 connectors and splitters were pretty inexpensive. So why is a Bi-Directional Antenna Systems so expensive? Remote satellite antennas have suggested coverages similar to a fire alarm system and requirements for coverages of smoke detectors.  This means numerous antennas may be required on …

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COVID-19 HRSS Update

During these challenging times the safety and wellness of our employees and customers is at the forefront of our minds. We wanted to ensure you that if an issue arises with your life safety/fire alarm system we are available 24/7. Our services are deemed essential to critical infrastructure operations, as …

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