Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection Recommendations from NFPA

HRSS tech testing an Annunicator

Commercial properties are required to have regular inspections conducted on their fire alarm systems and components to ensure safety systems are operating as intended.  If your fire and safety alert system experiences a malfunction or is not ready in case of emergency, it is basically useless and could provide no…

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The Importance of End User Training for Security Systems

Fire alarm and life safety systems have evolved with technology, offering sophisticated smart systems which provide great benefit to building owners. Along with valuable benefits comes the responsibility of training end users to educate responsible personnel on how to use the fire and security system effectively. Building owners and business…

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Low-Frequency Devices

Low Frequency notification appliances provide a life-saving value to sleeping occupants. Through NFPA funded research, it has been found that the 520 Hz square wave signal is the most effective at waking sleeping occupants. Six different signals were tested, and the 520 Hz had the highest waking rate of 92…

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Enhance Campus Safety with Integrated Fire Alarm and Emergency Communication System

A Mass Notification System (MNS) is also referred to as an Emergency Communication System (ECS) with both terms used interchangeably to identify a system which provides real-time information to notify all occupants of a facility or campus and the immediate vicinity of emergency situations.  The United States Department of Defense…

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Much of our business comes from smaller installations which are equally demanding in their designs and installation. One of the most important of these smaller jobs are daycares. Daycares have many life safety regulations to meet and follow to ensure the safety of the children and staff such as complete…

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STI Safety Technology International

Safety Technology International (STI) makes a variety of items to prevent false fire alarms, vandalism and theft. In relation to daycares and schools a few specific products of STI’s are essential when installing or replacing a life safety system in the facility. The first one is the Universal Stopper. These…

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Mass Notification Systems Much More Than an Alarm

Mass Notification Systems

A Mass Notification System (MNS) is also known as an Emergency Communication System (ECS), and is a lot more than just an alarm system.  The MNS was originally popular and widely used in military occupancies, although this type of emergency communication system quickly became popular and necessary to prevent mass…

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UL864 9th Edition and NFPA72 Guide Fire Alarm Contractors

fire alarm contractors

All fire alarm contractors should be aware of the requirements set forth in UL864, 9th Edition, for qualifying fire detection equipment as UL certified.  Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), is an American safety and certification company, recognized globally for examining and applying Certification Marks for products that pass their testing and inspection…

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