High Rise Security Systems

Alarm System Information

The Effectiveness of Low Frequency Smoke Alarms

Fire and smoke detection and signaling systems are proven to reduce fatalities among the general population during a fire.  The optimum sound level that will be most effective and recognizable to occupants to signal evacuation has long been debated.  At-risk populations of people such as school age children, the elderly, …

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NOTIFIER Integrated Systems: A 3-Pronged Approach

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has reinvented fire and life safety with innovative technology, premium partners and over 70 years of experience.  NOTIFIER announces the release of the next generation in fire and life safety that make your buildings safer and better protected.  This new integrated suite of fire and life safety …

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SWIFT Notifier Wireless Technology

SWIFT Notifier Wireless is a Class A commercial fire detection system which easily integrates with ONYX fire alarm panels for flexible wired and wireless intelligent detection. SWIFT Notifier uses self-healing, robust mesh technology that delivers a reliable, stronger network.  Fire detection sensors integrated with SWIFT wireless operate the same as …

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Warehouse Fire Risk Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Warehouses are generally large and have multiple fire risks.  Knowing what these fire risk hazards are and how to avoid them is critical to protecting your business and workers.  Awareness of the most common risk factors for warehouse fires and training employees on preventing fire hazards is important for every …

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Alarm Monitoring Service: Is the Cost Worth The Service?

  Fire alarm monitoring services provide valuable help to save people and properties during an emergency, when seconds count.  There is not much that property owners can do if they are unaware of an emergency, especially for unoccupied buildings.  Protecting businesses and commercial properties requires a quick response whether they …

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