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What Your Fire Detection System Should Include

People’s lives depend on the fire detection system you choose for your commercial property. Ensuring your system is effective, properly maintained, and has the vital elements needed to ensure your occupants and property are protected is crucial. There are many components that make up an effective commercial fire alarm system, …

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Emergency Control Functions- Infographic

Emergency control functions allow a fire alarm system to communicate with your commercial building’s system to assist in the evacuation process of building occupants. The emergency control functions communicate signals to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) if certain areas of the building need to be restricted or shut down …

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NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ Intelligent Sensing-Infographic

NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ fire panels are bringing the latest technology to their N16e and N16x fire panels for integrated fire protection solutions. These panels offer fully scalable options allowing you to configure your system to accommodate anything from small-scale businesses to larger-scale businesses that require a multitude of devices on a …

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Why Is A Notifier Fire Alarm Better than other alarms?

Choosing the most innovative fire alarm system for your commercial property is vital to saving lives and protecting assets. Ensuring you are employing the latest technology and features will provide your business with unmatched protection, ensuring all occupants feel safe and secure. Get A Quote This article was originally published …

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Emergency Control Functions

A commercial fire alarm system is a complex yet necessary component of your overall fire and life safety plan. Commercial buildings are required to have very thought-out, strategic emergency procedures in the event of a fire or other disaster. Unfortunately, emergencies do occur despite the business’s preparation and preparedness. A …

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NOTIFIER INSPIRE™: Intelligent Sensing for Enhanced Efficiency

Fire detection is a crucial part of a fire and life safety system. Relying on the highest quality equipment with the most advanced technology delivers reliability to keep lives safe and protected. NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ fire panels are bringing the latest technology to their N16e and N16x fire panels for integrated …

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