UL864 9th Edition and NFPA72 Guide Fire Alarm Contractors

fire alarm contractors

All fire alarm contractors should be aware of the requirements set forth in UL864, 9th Edition, for qualifying fire detection equipment as UL certified.  Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), is an American safety and certification company, recognized globally for examining and applying Certification Marks for products that pass their testing and inspection…

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MACURCO Gas Detection

CM-E1 CM-E1 is a low voltage Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector that is designed to connect to an UL Listed Fire Alarm/Burglar Control Panel. UL standard 2075 for the Safety for Gas, Vapor Detector and Sensors. Also tested to UL 2075 using UL 2034 Sensitivity limits for carbon monoxide gas. CM-6…

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Benefits of Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detection is a very reliable method of detecting smoke by using a sophisticated detector that recognizes the existence of smoke particles suspended in the air.  An aspirating smoke detector (ASD), also called an air sampling smoke detector, will typically detect smoke before that is invisible to the naked…

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Diagnosing and Repairing Fire Alarm Ground Faults

fire alarm control panel ground fault

When your fire alarm control panel reveals a ground fault, it must be addressed immediately by a licensed and certified fire alarm repair technician.  Only qualified repair technicians should troubleshoot or make repairs to energized circuits!  Do not leave your fire protection in a vulnerable or inoperable state due to…

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