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Where Should Security Cameras Be Installed in a Condo Building?

Everyone is entitled to a reasonable expectation of privacy, whether out in public, in a business setting, or their own home. Cameras are generally used as a security measure by business owners and homeowners. They assist in protecting valuable assets, property, and lives by capturing video and images of a …

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Will a Commercial Security System Still Work if the Power Goes Out?

Having an advanced commercial security system gives a sense of relief to business owners. It ensures that you have a way to mitigate a potential threat to your commercial property while being alerted if you must evacuate due to an emergency. It is important to still have that sense of …

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Everything You Need to Know about Fire and Life Safety Inspections

Every commercial facility should consult with fire and life safety providers to evaluate all fire and safety hazards and risks, and to ensure that code-compliant fire alarm systems and emergency response protocols are in place. Having a fire and life safety inspection from qualified fire safety providers ensures that all …

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Fire Alarm Detection, Protection, Suppression: What’s the Difference?

A fire can turn from smoldering smoke into a raging blaze pretty quickly and cause insurmountable harm to any business, damaging property and jeopardizing the safety and lives of occupants. A fire is nothing any business owner wants to encounter, and not only do you need to recover the physical …

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