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What’s the Difference Between RFID & NFC Access Control?

Building owners and managers use access control systems to allow employees or others access to specific areas based upon their level of security credentials. There are various types of access control systems, with one of the most common being Radio Frequency Identification, typically known as RFID.  Another method of access …

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Health Care Facility Emergency Preparedness Strategies

Creating an emergency plan is of critical importance for every type of business, public or commercial property, and especially for hospitals and healthcare facilities where patients may be unable to evacuate. Being prepared for an emergency in a healthcare facility can mean the difference between life and death. Get A …

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How to Avoid Common Fire Safety Code Violations

  Fire safety code regulations are in place for a reason and endorsed by many different agencies. In Chicago, businesses must comply with safety regulations as outlined in the: Chicago Building Code International Building Code, IBC National Fire Protection Association, NFPA Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA  Get A Quote for …

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Integrated Fire & Life Safety Monitoring for Campuses

  Fire and life safety systems that protect numerous buildings and properties, such as campuses and hospitals, require integrated safety systems that meet a number of demanding requirements. College campuses, for example, consist of tens of thousands of acres with dozens of buildings for classroom facilities, residence halls, and common …

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