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NOTIFIER® SWIFT – Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology

NOTIFIER by Honeywell Is the largest and most prominent provider of engineered fire alarm systems in the world, with more than 400 distributors worldwide. NOTIFIER offers a high degree of customization and control. NOTIFIER SWIFT stands for Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology and is a class A commercial wireless fire …

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Why Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Security System?

The need for commercial security systems in today’s age is a necessity. Security systems allow business owners to view access points to their building, review footage of incidents, and provide protection for the building itself and its occupants. High Rise Security Systems is a leader in providing commercial fire and …

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Types of Building Video Surveillance

A well-designed and well-placed commercial building video surveillance system provides security to your employees, the public, and residents and also protects your assets. Get A Quote Choosing the Right Commercial Building Video Surveillance System There are several types of integrated video surveillance systems available. Video surveillance systems serve to deter …

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