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Commercial Fire Alarm Repair

A commercial fire alarm only provides protection if it is fully functional and operational in an “all systems ready” mode. Commercial properties must meet building code, fire and life safety system regulations with fire alarm systems, regular maintenance. and inspections. There are no second chances with life safety, and it is critical that commercial properties conduct swift fire alarm repair when needed.

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Why Commercial Fire Alarm Repair Is so Important

Commercial properties from small businesses to medical facilities, hospitals, high-rise buildings, and hotels have a responsibility to protect all occupants in their buildings and on their property. There are many working components to a complex fire alarm system including detection devices, notification equipment, control of auxiliary systems such as elevator recall, opening of doors and closing of HVAC dampers. Depending on your type of commercial fire alarm system, you may or may not be aware of a slight malfunction which could impact the reliable operation of your system.

Intelligent, addressable commercial fire alarm panels are necessary in complex building layouts and provide the additional benefit of continual monitoring of connected devices. Modern commercial fire alarm systems can alert safety personnel that a battery needs replaced or a ground fault exists in the system. Most business owners can replace batteries when needed although professional, diagnostic testing may be required to find and repair a ground fault or other component malfunctions.

It is imperative that businesses and property managers treat all equipment and communication alerts with high priority and contact their commercial fire and life safety systems provider immediately when noticing required maintenance or repairs. Enlisting the services of a reputable commercial fire alarm and life safety provider with regularly scheduled alarm inspections and testing will ensure that your system is working properly.

High Rise Security Systems supports various commercial properties with fire alarm system inspections, testing and repairs with knowledge of all types of fire alarm equipment and network connectivity.

Who Performs Fire Alarm Repairs?

Only licensed commercial fire alarm system companies can provide repairs to alarm systems and fire alarm control panels. Commercial properties should have at least one annual inspection by a licensed fire alarm provider for compliance to life safety system code regulations. HRSS fire alarm technicians are NICET certified and field trained with experience in troubleshooting fire alarm system problems and providing prompt, correct repairs.

When your life safety system is not operating at full functionality, your business and occupants are in jeopardy. You need a fire alarm repair company that responds quickly, with knowledge of how to best fix your problem and with quality parts and components.

An experienced fire alarm service company will help guide you when faced with decision such as to repair or upgrade equipment. Non-proprietary fire alarm systems allow for flexibility to upgrade and with less downtime than proprietary systems.

Commercial Building Fire Alarm Systems Code Requirements

Commercial fire alarm inspections are required under National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 72, and NFPA 25 for water-based fire protection systems. Additionally, companies must meet code regulations from NFPA 101, the International Building Code, IBC, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state and local code regulations including the City of Chicago’s building code requirements.

High Rise Security Systems offers commercial fire alarm services including full system design with CAD software, fire alarm inspections, testing, maintenance, and fire alarm repairs, with vast knowledge of all code regulations. We offer fire extinguisher service licensed in all types of fire extinguishers.

HRSS provides comprehensive fire alarm system services including prompt response to your needs and reliable system monitoring 24/7/365. Your complete safety and protection is our number one priority. Contact us to learn more about knowledgeable and reliable commercial fire alarm repairs.

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