High Rise Security Systems

Commercial Installation

During the design of new construction or an extensive building remodel, special attention needs to be given to ensuring the safety of the occupants, building and contents. Collaborating with an expert fire and security safety company to locate and integrate various detection, protection and evacuation elements is a crucial part of the building design. At this stage, duplication of effort and cost can be eliminated by working with a single, qualified company for design, commercial security system installation and maintenance of all fire and security alarm systems.

Integrated Fire Detection and Security Systems

Integrating all fire and smoke detections with security and access control systems provides the necessary redundancy while cutting costs. Devices and evacuation plans used for one purpose are applicable for others. For example, close circuit TV cameras and motion detectors that are helpful in determining the location and conditions during a fire emergency are also employed to detect the presence of unauthorized intruders.

Advantages of Integrating Fire Safety and Security Systems

Cost Savings results from designing systems that complement each other and eliminate any unnecessary duplication of features. Commercial security system installation, maintenance and testing of the system is less expensive.
Central Monitoring allows for security personnel to oversee entry and exit, monitor smoke and gas detection systems, direct evacuations, lock and unlock areas, and assess developing intrusion or fire emergencies.

Voice-Directed Instruction and Evacuation Alerting, working in conjunction with a closed-circuit TV system and motion sensors throughout plus a voice communication system, allows for control personnel to direct occupants to safe evacuation routes. The system will also help emergency personnel to locate and rescue individuals who may be in danger.

Code Requirements for every fire and safety category can be met with less equipment and less complicated wiring systems while ensuring a code compliant system.

Commercial Security System Installation

Only a qualified, experienced and licensed company should participate in the design, installation, monitoring and servicing of fire and security alarm systems. Commercial installation for large buildings such as hospitals, universities, apartment buildings and high rise offices requires extensive technical training to ensure safety and compliance. Whether the building is a high-rise or a multi-winged construction, design and installation requirements are different.

Monitoring and Service

Even the most sophisticated electronic equipment needs testing and servicing. While the latest hi-tech equipment operates with few moving parts, cleaning and testing should be accomplished regularly to ensure the safety of all building occupants.

NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell Fire Alarm and Detection Equipment

State-of-the-art NOTIFIER monitoring and alarms systems set the standard for commercial installation. A global leader in fire detection devices, Honeywell produces fire alarm control panels, advanced smoke and gas detection systems, SWIFT wireless connection, and integrated command and control systems.

High Rise Security System’s Installation Certification and Compliance

Meeting NFPA and local fire and safety regulations during the design and installation phase requires certified, highly trained personnel. High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) in Burr Ridge is a supplier of NOTIFIER fire detection equipment, has qualified for the prestigious premier distributor certification which acknowledges the company’s proficiency in fire alarm system layout, equipment selection, commercial system installation, system testing and troubleshooting, servicing and sales. HRSS is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and participates in Illinois’ Small Business Set-Aside Program (SBSP).

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