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Integrated Systems

Integrated security systems provide a multi-layered level of protection to businesses of all types by combining the main components of fire, life safety, and security into one manageable system with easy access and control. HRSS offers security integration solutions to protect your business, industrial or commercial property tailored to your unique architectural structure and business operations. We provide protection with all types of commercial security systems and integrated solutions based on your specific needs.

Components Integrated Security Systems

Whether your building is for small business, industrial manufacturing, warehouse storage or public buildings like hospitals and hotels, you need a commercial security system that includes all necessary components to protect people and your property. An integrated security system can include:

  • Fire Safety
  • Security Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Evacuation

These are some of the most important components of integrated security systems, each with in-depth areas of focus and compliance regulation requirements. Consulting with a fire safety and security professional like HRSS will help you to understand the security components that would be best suited for your buildings and property protection.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is an important part of every commercial property with several options for fire alarm systems and devices. Make sure that your fire and safety provider offers you non-proprietary fire alarm system equipment that allows for easier upgrades without being tied to one particular system. Different types of systems include conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels with different functionality provided based on your building layout and the number of devices required.

Fire safety includes a proper alarm system design with placement of all required devices in locations required by code regulations. Several regulatory agencies enforce fire safety in commercial properties such as the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, the International Building Code, IBC, the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, and more including local regulations like the Chicago Building Code.

HRSS offers fire safety solutions with complete system design to meet all code requirements and provide protection for your unique building needs. We offer UL listed equipment and fire safety service for various types of commercial security systems. Fire safety protection includes:

  • Initiating devices like smoke and heat detectors
  • Notification equipment including strobes and audible alerts
  • Evacuation systems including Mass Notification Systems
  • Monitoring for quick dispatch

Integrating fire alarm system equipment with security systems enhances your level of protection and provides the most efficient safety measures. Whether upgrading your current building or designing new construction, integrated security systems allow for efficient management of fire and security on one single network, with many devices providing dual function of smoke or heat detection and physical security of premises.

Security Systems

Commercial security systems consist of several components including secure access, video surveillance systems, mass notification systems, monitoring and more. Secure access can be designed around your building requirements such as maintaining a locked facility with authorized entry required, while allowing for control to unlock all doors in case of a fire emergency. Secure access may also provide the ability to lock all doors upon an external threat. Whatever your needs for security, secure building access can be tailored to meet your needs with photo IDs or badges, electronic access control, biometrics, or visitor management. Secure building access can be tailored for single door access to multi-facility enterprise solutions.

Keeping your building secure and unauthorized persons out is important to protect your employees, visitors, and your property. Access control improves building managers’ ability to maintain a safe environment, to have a head count in case of evacuation necessity and to know who is in the building at particular times.

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system can be an important part of building security depending on your structure and business operations. In cases of fire emergency, gas leak, or intruder invasion, video surveillance can help locate occupants or unauthorized people. Strategic placement of all surveillance equipment is important to achieve maximum protection inside and outside the premises. Surveillance equipment includes cameras and monitors but can also include motion detectors and evacuation notification systems.

There are various types of cameras for use in video surveillance and they should all be durable, easy to maneuver and place inconspicuously. Wireless devices allow for quick and easy installation and give easy access to outside, remote locations. Images may be transmitted to the designated monitoring station but also to smartphones or tablets allowing building security flexibility in monitoring the building for safety.

Security cameras are available with various features to meet specific needs such as cameras that resist glare from direct sunlight and can adapt to night vision monitoring with infrared capability. Fixed cameras provide one unchanging view, adjustable lenses can allow for different viewpoints or may provide the ability to zoom in on areas of focus. Your security integration provider can help you determine the best type of camera for your installation and available features such as pan, tilt, high-definition and zoom.


Reliable monitoring with quick response is critical to minimize danger and reduce damage. HRSS partners with Emergency 24, a central station monitoring company that provides reliable monitoring of all activation devices that may trigger an alarm. Alerts are sent to designated personnel via phone and/or text message and emergency personnel are dispatched quickly.
Fire alarm system monitoring also includes continual monitoring of the status of the health of your system. HRSS will respond to indications of faulty equipment and quickly perform the necessary repairs.


Evacuation is an essential element of any fire emergency situation or security breach. Integrated security systems alert occupants of all types of emergencies with audible notification systems that give clear evacuation directions. Evacuation routes should be carefully planned to avoid congestion and to provide safe passage for all occupants. Be sure to account for the safe evacuation of disabled persons with a clearly labeled Area of Rescue.

Security Integration with HRSS

HRSS offers complete fire and security integration to a wide array of commercial properties including hospitals, hotels, warehouses and distribution centers and some of the most unique structures in Chicago. Our fire safety specialists are certified by the National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) and can design your fire and security integration system for maximum protection, efficiency, and complete code compliance.

We are a premier distributor for NOTIFIER® by Honeywell and other top manufacturers of UL listed fire safety equipment. HRSS will help you to evaluate the total cost of your fire and security system and offer solutions that meet your needs. We provide complete fire and security services including testing, inspections, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and monitoring 24/7/365. HRSS provides innovative solutions that meet unique challenges to ensure that each project is a success.

HRSS provides fire and security integration solutions, with complete service from design to product selection, testing, inspections, and maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind with fire safety, security systems, video surveillance, monitoring and evacuation all managed with one networkable solution. Contact HRSS to learn more about the many benefits with improved safety and efficiencies with integrated security systems.

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