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Fire & Life Safety Services

High Rise Security Systems is a leading provider of fire and life safety services, offering many advantages to commercial businesses and properties in the Chicagoland area.Get A Quote

Compliant Fire and Life Safety Services

HRSS has decades of experience as a fire and life safety specialist, with expertise in commercial fire alarm system design, UL listed equipment, and comprehensive life safety services. We are set apart from other fire and life safety providers with our level of expertise in code compliance and our commitment to the needs of our customers.

We ensure complete code compliance to federal, state, and local fire safety codes, including the City of Chicago municipal fire codes, International Building Code (IBC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire and life safety codes.

Fire and Life Safety Specialists

Our team includes NICET certified and field trained technicians, providing assurances for your safety from experienced fire alarm engineers and technicians. The National Institute for Certification in Engineering (NICET) provides certification for engineers across the country in various fields and is known as the gold standard when hiring technicians. Companies should hire only NICET certified fire and life safety specialists to prevent fire hazards and life safety dangers.

HRSS puts your safety first with experienced technicians trained on all types of fire alarm equipment and the latest technological advancements in fire and life safety systems.

Commercial Fire and Life Safety Advantages

HRSS provides many advantages to companies as a leading fire and life safety specialist. We offer a full range of fire protection services that give you peace of mind in knowing your property, employees and occupants are protected with reliable, early detection and warning of fire, smoke, or gas. We look out for our customers with recommendations for the best fire alarm equipment and help you to plan ahead and evaluate the real cost of your fire alarm system.

There is a big difference between proprietary and non-proprietary fire alarm equipment, most often noticeable when upgrades or equipment replacement is necessary. We help you to not only have a safe, reliable fire alarm system with the unique features that suit your business, we also help you to plan ahead to experience the most reliable protection now and in the future at the best value to you.

With HRSS, you have an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled fire alarm technician on your team, at the ready. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs with 24/7/365 emergency response services.

Comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Services

Our capabilities and fire and life safety services provide comprehensive safety solutions to the commercial sector. HRSS partners with building owners and contractors to ensure a code compliant fire alarm system designed with the right equipment, in the right place and in “all systems ready” mode. In order to achieve full, code-compliant protection, you need a fire alarm systems provider that prioritizes your needs and safety.

Our comprehensive fire and life safety services include:

Fire alarm system design – our skilled designers provide detailed fire alarm system design with CAD software and an understanding of fire safety codes and regulations. We customize your fire alarm design to your property and building architecture providing blueprints showing the exact location of all equipment, sensors and notification devices.

Fire alarm inspectionfire alarm inspections are required for commercial properties as referenced by NFPA standards. Visual inspections are required bi-annually while functional testing by a certified fire alarm company is required annually. Our experienced and certified technicians follow a detailed checklist to provide a thorough inspection of your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm testing – fire alarm testing is required by NFPA standards and includes functional testing and sensitivity testing for smoke and gas detection equipment. Sensitivity testing is typically required annually within the first year of fire alarm system installation and each year thereafter. Fire alarm inspections and testing are proven to provide better performance which leads to a safer building.

Fire alarm repair – HRSS provides certified fire alarm repair services to any type of commercial fire alarm system including addressable systems. It is important to repair faulty components immediately and to respond to ground fault notifications to prevent costlier repairs.

System monitoring – HRSS provides comprehensive fire protection services including fire alarm system monitoring 24/7/365. Reliable, uninterrupted monitoring prevents catastrophic failures.

Fire extinguisher service – HRSS provides licensed fire extinguisher service in the state of Illinois to ensure all portable fire extinguishers are fully equipped and ready to use. Fire extinguishers provide your first line of defense in controlling a fire before it turns into an uncontrollable blaze. Our fire alarm system designers ensure that your extinguishers are placed according to code with convenient access.

Fire alarm system consulting – HRSS is one of the most respected fire and life safety consulting providers in the area. We are known for our in-depth expertise of system design, code regulations and all fire protection services.

UL listed fire alarm equipment – We offer only UL listed equipment from the best names in fire protection systems like Notifier® by Honeywell, Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, Cooper Wheellock® and others.

HRSS offers decades of experience in commercial fire protection services with a deep understanding of current code regulations while staying abreast of code updates and changes. When you are looking for fire and life safety services in the Chicagoland area, look no further than one of the most respected names in fire safety, High Rise Security Systems.

HRSS values our relationships with all customers, providing quick response to our customers’ needs with open communication and a commitment to your total safety. We partner with you from the beginning to help you choose the best fire alarm system for your commercial property. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive fire and life safety services.

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