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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

High Rise Security Systems, LLC is well known for their expertise in all things related to fire systems, including fire extinguisher inspection requirements. HRSS employs experts in the industry that will design your fire alarm system with AutoCAD software, adapted to your unique building layout.

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As part of your unique fire alarm system design, we determine the most appropriate Class of portable fire extinguisher required for your environment, and ensure proper placement for maximum fire protection. All fire extinguisher services adhere to NFPA10, which details the requirements for portable fire extinguishers to ensure optimum performance in time of need.

Our knowledge of the industry including all regulatory code requirements combined with our in-house design engineers and technicians make High Rise Security Systems the only fire system expert you need to call. We provide full service fire and safety alarm and monitoring services, including licensed portable fire extinguisher inspection services.

We can provide your initial inspection and testing after equipment installation, annual fire alarm inspections, along with the required annual fire extinguisher inspections.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection for all Types

The majority of fire extinguishers are a Dry Chemical Extinguisher, with a rating for Class A, B & C type of fires, although we are experienced with servicing any type of extinguisher, including carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, class D fire extinguishers which are Dry Powder extinguishers for combustible metal fires, and wet chemical extinguishers used for Class K fires typically in restaurants over hot oil fryers.

Our licensed technicians follow a very detailed checklist when performing fire extinguisher inspections, ensuring the proper working order of your equipment with our main focus always the safety of all occupants.

Detailed Checklist Followed During Fire Extinguisher Inspections

High Rise Security Systems, leaders in fire alarm safety systems, performs the following tasks during your fire extinguisher inspection:

  • Visual Inspection – inspect and ensure entire unit is free from dust, rust and corrosion.
  • Placement – fire extinguisher should be easily accessible and mounted appropriately
  • Manufacturer Date – all extinguishers need added service at 6 years, and again at 12 years
  • Testing history – provide maintenance or hydrostatic testing
  • Nozzle and discharge hose – should be in good working order and free from cracks
  • Safety Pin – not damaged and in place
  • Pressure Gage – should be fully pressurized, showing in the green and not pointed to “recharge”
  • Handle and Lever – should be clean and operate smoothly
  • Location Signage
  • This is just a partial list of the professional tasks that our licensed technicians perform during your fire extinguisher inspection. Annual and 6-year fire extinguisher inspections include additional tasks as required.

    High Rise Security Systems, LLC is a leading fire detection, alarm and monitoring system expert, offering proven solutions for all fire and safety system requirements. We ensure compliance with all municipality’s required codes, and assist with obtaining necessary permits related to fire systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the most effective fire alarm system, including fire extinguisher inspections, keeping your building up to code and your occupants safe.

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