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High Rise Security Systems provides professional fire alarm monitoring services to commercial properties in the Chicago, IL area. Business owners make a considerable investment into fire alarm and life safety systems to protect their property and occupants. Regardless of the amount of money spent on their life safety systems, systems that are not properly monitored are only partially effective in completing the job.

Continual fire alarm system monitoring ensures that emergency responders will be dispatched as quickly as possible, which is critical to save lives during any emergency. Quick response can prevent catastrophic loss of life and significantly reduce property damage. With a fast responding monitoring system, in many cases a high level active emergency can be prevented.
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HRSS Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

HRSS is a leading fire and life safety system provider in the Chicagoland area, offering comprehensive fire safety services including business fire alarm monitoring services 24/7/365. Our staff includes fire safety specialists with decades of experience, NICET certified and field trained technicians with in-depth knowledge of fire alarm equipment, including detection, notification, and suppression equipment. We believe in prompt, personal service and get to know our customers, their fire alarm systems and equipment including locations of notification and suppression equipment.

As a premier distributor for Notifier urgent alarm systems, we employ highly sophisticated monitoring systems that transmit alerts at the moment of fire detection. Intelligent fire alarm systems can be integrated with other security systems and monitored continually for reliable operations. Continual monitoring not only provides quick dispatch to emergency situations, but also monitors the health of the system and components with pinpoint accuracy.

If critical detection or suppression equipment such as sprinklers experience a malfunction or failure, continual fire alarm monitoring services will receive actionable data to fix the problem before reacting to a catastrophe. External fire alarm system monitoring provides necessary information to fire alarm repair technicians to assist with speedy repairs to maintain an “all systems ready” fire alarm system. HRSS maintains detailed records of our customers fire alarm system equipment and any alarms or malfunctions for future reference.

You can have confidence in reliable business fire alarm monitoring service agreements with HRSS while enjoying many value-added benefits and being assured of maintaining a code-compliant fire and life safety system.

Benefits of Fire Alarm System Monitoring Services

The greatest benefits of continual and reliable fire alarm system monitoring is undeniably the ability to prevent loss of life. The many advantages of professional alarm monitoring by a trusted and reputable fire alarm monitoring company include:

Saving lives – quick dispatch is critical to preventing catastrophic loss of life
Reducing injury – quick response save lives and reduces serious injury
Reducing property damage – faster response to a fire can help to reduce significant property damage
Reduces false alarms – alarm monitoring services help to reduce the frequency of false alarms, which municipalities can in turn charge businesses for if occurring too frequently
Lower insurance rates – insurance carriers may require a fire alarm monitoring service agreement which can help secure lower insurance rates
Protection against liability and fines – many commercial properties are required by fire and life safety codes to have alarm monitoring and can experience fines if found to be non-compliant

HRSS provides these benefits along with peace of mind to our customers with reliable alarm monitoring 24/7/365. We provide professional fire alarm monitoring combined with value added fire and life safety services.

Code Compliant Fire Alarm Monitoring Services with HRSS

Commercial fire alarm monitoring is required under various fire and life safety codes for specific properties based on operations and/or occupancy. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) issues guidelines for fire alarm monitoring in NFPA 101, Section and NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm and Signal Code provide additional guidelines regarding the installation and operation of fire alarm monitoring services.

These NFPA standards in addition to the International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC) as well as applicable state and local codes such as the Chicago Building Code all provide reference for alarm monitoring services. HRSS offers extensive knowledge of all applicable codes including national, state and local fire and life safety codes. We ensure that your fire and life safety system is fully compliant and provide reliable alarm monitoring to protect what matters most, when seconds count.

HRSS is a leading fire and life safety systems provider protecting commercial properties in the Chicagoland area. We offer quality UL listed products and comprehensive services including alarm system design, testing, inspection, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring. Contact us to learn more about our continual and reliable 24/7/365 fire alarm monitoring service.

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