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Fire & Life Safety Consultants

High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, is a leading fire and life safety consultant in the Chicago area, offering wide ranging services including inspections, system design, quality UL listed equipment and a plan for compliance.Get A Quote

Fire Safety Consultancy Services

HRSS partners with our clients to provide fire safety consultancy services including the full scope of each project from concept to completion. Our experienced fire safety specialists provide initial inspections to recommend the best fire alarm system for your property, that meets all code regulations and your operational needs. We stay with you long after installation to conduct fire alarm inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs as well as 24/7 monitoring.

HRSS is here for you with emergency response needs providing quick response to all customer needs, always prioritizing your protection and safety.

Code Compliant Fire Safety Consultants

HRSS provides a code compliant fire and life safety system, meeting all state, local and federal regulations. Our fire safety consultants possess deep technical knowledge of all fire safety code regulations including applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) safety codes such as NFPA 101, NFPA 72 and others. We ensure that your commercial fire alarm system meets regulations issued by the International Building Code (IBC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and local fire codes.

The City of Chicago issues municipal ordinances for buildings and fire safety, enforced by the Fire Prevention Bureau of Chicago’s Fire Department. This is an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) which conducts general inspections of businesses, high-rise buildings, public places of assembly, hotels, schools, and other commercial properties to ensure code compliance. HRSS provides a plan with a detailed fire alarm system design including UL listed equipment and proper placement of all detection and notification devices to meet all fire and life safety codes applicable for your building layout and operations.

As part of our fire safety consulting services, HRSS will compile all data sheets for submission to the AHJ for permit approval.

Fire and Life Safety Consultants Now and in the Future

The fire and life safety consultants at HRSS help you to evaluate the best commercial fire alarm system for you, including all associated costs now and in the future. Planning for system upgrades or expansions is an important consideration, and the fire alarm and life safety system you choose now will directly impact your costs in the future. We listen carefully to your needs and design aspirations to facilitate your fire and life safety development through innovative fire safety engineering techniques, often going far beyond code compliance.

Our fire & life safety consultants have designed innovative fire and life safety systems for some of the most unique buildings in Chicago such as the Reid Murdoch Building, a seven-story building constructed in 1914 and updated in the 1980’s. The building needed upgrades to fire alarm equipment with minimal downtime due to busy operations and typical full occupancy. We pre-built and pre-programmed fire alarm control panels with a step-by-step plan for a quick transition to the newer system.

Fire Safety Equipment Consultation

HRSS provides fire safety consulting and commercial fire alarm services to some of the largest buildings and businesses in the Chicago area, protecting high-rise occupancies, sprawling medical facilities and school campuses. Our fire safety consultants help you understand all your options with fire safety equipment and offer only high-quality, UL listed fire protection systems from the best names in the industry such as NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell, Cooper Wheelock® and others. We provide ongoing fire alarm services such as testing, maintenance, repairs, and continual 24/7 monitoring to ensure your equipment is operational in “all-systems-ready” mode.

When you are considering a new commercial fire alarm or an upgrade to your existing system, contact HRSS for a thorough analysis and recommendations for the best system for your property.

HRSS offers a thorough inspection of your existing or new buildings to recommend the best commercial fire alarm system for your properties. We offer high-performance equipment proven to deliver reliable fire detection and notification. Protecting your property and saving lives is the number one priority of our fire and life safety consultants.

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