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Types Of Security Systems

Protection of human life while safeguarding buildings, assets and inventories is the principal function of a commercial alarm system. Recognizing that fire, smoke and gas leaks are continual threats, industry leaders have made significant strides in developing new detection and warning devices. Fire detection and early warning are essential elements of any commercial building.

The types and sophistication of alarm systems depend on the building configuration, type of business and potential threats of fire. A commercial alarm system might range from simple smoke detection to advanced fire and gas detection plus fire suppression systems and central monitoring.

Commercial alarm systems fall into two categories, fire and security. In many instances, these two functions can be highly integrated and may be monitored from a central control point. Certain features may overlap. For example, closed circuit TV monitors and motion detection sensors may be important for either function to determine the status of individuals and any developing conditions within the building.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Chicago’s high-rise buildings, hospitals, universities, offices and apartments require advanced fire and smoke detection systems to protect the lives of the occupants. Quick response and evacuation plans must be clearly designed for a wide range of scenarios.

Types of Commercial Alarm Systems

Modern fire alarms systems consist of sets of complementary devices designed to provide early warning to occupants to evacuate a building until any danger is suppressed or removed. Detectable threats may include smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other dangerous gases.

  • Alarms may be activated by smoke detection or heat detection.
  • Alerts are usually designed with alarms sounding with bells or horns, plus highly visible strobe lights and loud speaker voices to direct evacuations.
  • Alarms can be automatically triggered by sensors or manually activated from an individual alarm location or central control point.
  • Alarms soundings may be set at different frequencies and volumes, depending on the radius to be covered.

NOTIFIER Commercial Alarm System

NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell, represented by High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) in Burr Ridge, produces the most advanced fire and smoke detection and control systems available. Their highly sophisticated systems include a range of detection, alarm, voice-alert, and central and remote control features that can be fully integrated to allow for monitoring of conditions throughout the building or complex. Some products include:

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels are equipped with advanced smoke sensing technology and voice evacuation systems.
  • NOTIFIER Integrated networks combine all of the fire detection systems and technologies with existing security systems, closed-circuit TV, and card access capability for a complete system.
  • NOTIFIER Command Center allows for central oversight and command during an emergency.
  • Peripheral Devices and Accessories include intelligent sensors and control points as well as remote annunciators, auxiliary power supplies and additional notification devices.
  • Gas Detectors may be fixed, stand alone or portable and are capable of detecting dangerous gases that may be present.

HRSS Professional Support for NOTIFIER

Whether designing a new building or retrofitting an older one, a complete fire detection system is a key design feature. Architects and engineers collaborate early with professional fire safety technicians to ensure the proper commercial alarm systems are in place and that all NFPA and local code requirements are met. Proper placement of sensors, alarms and fire suppression equipment is critical for the safety of the occupants and building content.
The professionals at High Rise Security Systems in Burr Ridge are recognized experts in fire safety warning devices. As sales and service representative of state-of-the-art NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell fire detection and alarm systems, HRSS technicians are trained and certified to install and maintain your commercial alarm system.

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