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Video Surveillance

Security surveillance devices are essential to protect occupant safety from virtually any threat. Designers of office buildings, hospitals, university buildings and apartment buildings routinely rely on an expert security surveillance company to develop systems that monitor unauthorized intrusions or provide early warning in case of fire, smoke or gas leak outbreak. During incidents that require occupant evacuation, an effective surveillance system can facilitate orderly evacuation and ensure all occupants have safely exited.

Surveillance System Design

Surveillance is not only about cameras, although these play an important role. Equipment that monitors the entry and egress of individuals, detects an unexpected presence using motion detectors, and identify the potential threat from fire and smoke each complement an effective visual surveillance system. A design that strategically places the right surveillance equipment throughout the building will provide a complete system to detect all threats inside and outside the facility.

Placement of Surveillance Cameras

Improperly placed surveillance equipment will not provide the 100% coverage needed for fire or physical security monitoring. A professional security surveillance company can replicate all the various angles and spaces in a building to determine the precise number, types and locations of surveillance equipment to ensure security throughout.

Central Monitoring

Security surveillance in a large building should be monitored from a central control area by trained security personnel. This command and control center is typically within the building though monitoring may be external. The command centers are able to alert police and fire emergency units instantly when danger is detected. And the systems can record all activity for later scrutiny.

Commercial Video Surveillance Devices

There are many types of camera surveillance devices. Essentially these products should be durable, inconspicuous and often maneuverable and can be used for internal and external surveillance. Consult an expert security surveillance company for information.

Wireless Devices

Modern technology allows for IP wireless systems that eliminate costly wiring and the inherent degradation of video quality as the distance from the monitors increase. Properly installed wireless devices, including external parking lot equipment, can transmit a digital signal to the monitors from long distances.
Images may also be transmitted to other portable devices such as smartphones and tablets as security personnel roam the facility.

Fixed or Adjustable Lenses

Security cameras can be equipped with fixed or vari-focal lenses. Fixed lenses are not adjustable and, when placed, maintain an unchanging view of an area. This may be sufficient for some areas.
With a vari-focal or adjustable-lens, “zeroing in” on a specific point may be useful for identifying elements or individuals that enter the area of observation. This is useful for identifying departing vehicles or individuals lurking in specific areas.

Light and Dark Surveillance

Camera equipment can be adapted to various degrees of light and darkness. Cameras can adjust to glare and direct sunlight and are capable of nighttime monitoring with LED or infrared capability. High-definition is becoming standard in the security industry for enhancing identification.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

PTZ cameras provide surveillance versatility. Remotely managed, these cameras can be directed to focus on specific areas. The controller can turn, lower or raise the view point while zooming in for closer scrutiny.

Dome Cameras

Designed to be inconspicuous, cameras built into ceilings can be housed within a dome-shaped cover to rotate 360 degrees for complete area surveillance.

Consult Experts for Security System Design

High Rise Security Systems, a leading security surveillance company in Chicagoland, will provide expert design for any new or retro-fitted buildings. The HRSS design experts, certified by the National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), can create the ideal design and equipment to protect any building.

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