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High Rise Security Systems, LLC is a leading supplier of fire alarm systems, and is a licensed fire extinguisher service company in the state of Illinois. HRSS has been supplying superior fire detection, alarm and monitoring equipment to the Chicagoland area for over a decade, and is known as a leading expert on all aspects related to fire detection and safety systems.

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HRSS has vast knowledge of NFPA code requirements as they relate to your building environment, and your local municipality’s code enforcement. We will make sure your fire detection plan is in adherence to all required code enforcements, and are ready for use as our initial first response to a detected fire.

Employing a highly skilled staff of technicians and AutoCAD engineers, we will design the most appropriate fire detection and alarm system, including the placement of all portable fire extinguishers according to NFPA code requirements. NFPA 10 lists all requirements for portable fire extinguishers to work as they are intended to work, and to provide a first response to fires of limited intensity.

HRSS Provides Fire Extinguisher Service for All Types

HRSS provides fire extinguisher service to all types of fire extinguishers rated for Class A, B, C, D, and K fires, ensuring full compliance and safety.

Most portable fire extinguishers are a Dry Chemical compound and are rated for Class A, B and C fires. The Dry Chemical extinguisher works by interrupting the chemical reaction in the fire.

A Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher works by removing the oxygen from the fire, and removing heat with the extremely cold discharge. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be used only on Class B and C fires, as they will be ineffective at extinguishing Class A fires. NFPA 12 outlines criteria for carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

A Class D fire extinguisher is a dry powder, similar to the dry chemical extinguisher except that the dry powder extinguisher works by separating the fuel source from the oxygen element, and removing heat. The Class D fire extinguisher will work only on Class D fires or combustible metal fires, they are ineffective to extinguish all other fires.

An automatic fire extinguisher system would be used to treat Class K fires in restaurant settings perhaps in a kitchen hood system over hot grease, triggered to go off at the presence of smoke or flames. This would be a wet chemical extinguisher, adhering to NFPA 17A which addresses wet chemical fire extinguishers.

No matter what your building or environment calls for, High Rise Security Systems has proven solutions for your entire fire safety system, including portable fire extinguishers.

Value Added Services from HRSS

High Rise Security Systems follows a detailed checklist during our fire extinguisher service inspection, including visual inspection, checking pressure gauges, weight for presence of chemical compound, locking pins and valves, all required annual testing and tags documenting compliance. We also perform the 6-year maintenance inspections, required on the 6th year of the manufacture date which includes removal of interior chemicals for testing.

After the first 6-year inspection and service, typical annual inspections are required for another 6 years when a 2nd in-depth maintenance service check is required, including a recharge at year 12 of manufacture date.

HRSS provides all necessary annual and 6-year fire extinguisher service inspections on all types of fire extinguishers.

High Rise Security Systems, LLC is a leader among fire extinguisher companies, providing added services of design and preparation of all fire protection components for code compliance and permit approval of your fire detection system. Contact us today for superior fire extinguisher service in the Chicago area and surrounding localities.

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