Fire Alarm Repair

Fully functional fire and smoke alarm capability is a critical element to building safety. Whether the system is of the conventional type or a relatively new technology such as as addressable systems, malfunctions can occur. For this reason fire alarm repair must be conducted immediately so that the systems performance is ready when needed. This is why reputable fire and safety companies have 24-hour/7days a week response capability. Waiting until a “more convenient” time is certainly not an option for high rise office buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, and any other building with people occupancy.

How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

When Malfunction Occurs

Building managers will become aware of a fire alarm system malfunction in a number of ways. All fire and security systems are 100% supervised. Today’s control panels will signal when the system is impaired. Both locally and remotely, authorities are made aware so that corrective action is timely taken. Inoperable systems are never acceptable. HRSS understands this condition and offers 24hr/7days service. Malfunctions are often discovered during regular annual inspections. All inefficiencies or maintenance issues must be corrected or repaired immediately.

Service Calls

When a fire alarm system must be repaired, the company that installed the system is the best company to call. If that company is not available for a variety of reasons, search for a very reputable company that has experience with the same type of equipment. Fire alarm systems can be intricate and the newest types have a high degree of intelligence with other systems and accessories in the building, such as building automation system or integration with sprinkler systems.

Repair, Upgrade or Replace

Once the source of the malfunction is discovered, the question is “do you repair or replace?”. This decision depends upon a number of factors.

First, if the problem can be solved by simply a modular replacement part or reprogramming, then the fire alarm repair can be performed easily. This is fine as long as you are satisfied with the current fire system and the local authorities have no objection.

Secondly, if substantial changes are required because of the obsolescence of replacement parts, then your repair may be termed an upgrade. Newer components offer more advanced features and authorities may require the modified system to meet new construction building codes. Fire alarm repair usually means upgrading your system since newer components usually come with more modern features.

Lastly, if you decide to completely replace the malfunctioning system, you should work only with a reputable licensed and certified supplier. New systems have tremendous capability and protect inhabitants in many more ways that the older fire alarms were designed to do. With a replacement system, the supplier must assume that the new system meets the latest local code requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

As an additional service, fire warning and detection systems can be thoroughly checked and tested regularly by your fire alarm service provider. This is a normal service provided by reputable companies who are committed to the safety of their clients. Preventative maintenance visits identify whether all parts remain programmed and connected properly. Sometimes malfunctions occur because of a human-induced error that may have disrupted the programming or somehow caused a trouble condition on the system.

HRSS Experts

High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) has been serving the Chicagoland region for over a decade with the most advanced fire and smoke detection equipment available. Partnering with Honeywell and their advanced Notifier systems, HRSS can provide consultation for repairing, upgrading or replacing the existing fire alarm systems. Highly-trained and certified technicians can help you to find the most cost effective solution for your malfunctioning fire alarm detection system.

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