Evaluating Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Properties

Evaluating Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Properties

chicago commercial buildingsWhen evaluating fire alarm systems for commercial properties, be sure to understand system requirements for technology upgrades or building expansions. When adding on or installing upgrades, your fire alarm system should be flexible to adapt with future building requirements without disruption of service or replacing existing equipment. Adaptations and technology upgrades to satisfy changing code regulations can often be the most significant expenses associated with life safety systems after installation.

It is important to understand how your system will handle these adaptations and how much it will cost. Be sure to know the age of the fire alarm system you are considering, as any system more than 10 years old may become obsolete quickly and need to be replaced. Learning the difference between proprietary and non-proprietary fire alarm systems will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses during upgrades or expansions.

Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Fire Alarm Systems For Commercial Properties

Proprietary fire alarm systems are quite common yet give building owners the least amount of flexibility when it comes to upgrades and expansions. Proprietary systems simply means that only equipment from that particular vendor will work on that system’s control panel. This greatly reduces the options available to the building owner and eliminates any flexibility in upgrading.

Non-proprietary fire alarm systems provide many advantages with multiple options available regarding technology upgrades, replacement parts, and service. Working with a nonproprietary fire alarm service provider gives building owners the most flexibility with an unbiased analysis of your needs and recommendations. Non-proprietary fire alarm system providers are not bound to one manufacturer, therefore, they have the unique ability to recommend the best system based on your individual needs.

Independent Fire Alarm System Consultants

Working with an independent, non-proprietary fire alarm system provider allows for the evaluation of many systems featuring UL listed equipment with an installation designed around your unique business needs. An experienced independent provider will have expertise in designing fire and life safety systems which meet the critical demands of the healthcare industry, educational, hospitality or commercially zoned properties. Meeting code requirements with reputable systems and equipment are only part of the services you should expect from qualified fire system consultants, as the most experienced providers go above and beyond to deliver more than a code compliant system but one that meets your individual needs.

Be sure to discuss your options regarding:

  • Early notification sensors with smart technology to pinpoint origination of smoke, gas or fire
  • Early warning devices such as strobe lights and audible evacuation procedures
  • Placement of portable fire extinguishers
  • Non-proprietary fire alarm control panels
  • Fire suppression equipment
  • Network solutions

Working with a nonproprietary fire alarm systems provider allows for the most options and flexibility. High Rise Security Systems is an independent, nonproprietary fire alarm systems consultant offering assistance with evaluating and recommending the best fire alarm system for your commercial property.

High Rise Security Systems offers nonproprietary fire alarm system consulting which goes above and beyond code compliant systems. HRSS provides professional fire alarm system design, UL listed equipment and services including maintenance, testing, repairs and monitoring 24/7/365. Contact us today to let us help you determine the best nonproprietary fire alarm system for your commercial property.

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