Notifier Fire Alarms: All Pros No Cons

Notifier Fire Alarms: All Pros No Cons

Notifier Fire Alarms DistributorNOTIFIER™️ Fire Alarms by Honeywell brings state-of-the-art technology to the science of fire and smoke detection. Developed by the world’s leading producer of fire alarm systems since 1957, “protected by Honeywell” remains a clear indication that your building is equipped with the best systems.

Building on Honeywell’s long expertise gained during the early days of the computer age, NOTIFIER fire alarm equipment is programmable to create an integrated fire protection system specifically designed for your building.

Incorporating NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Systems

During the design stage of new construction or retrofit of an existing building, designers and architects collaborate with fire safety experts to define the type, number, and placement of NOTIFIER fire alarm and detection equipment. The choices depend largely on the size, use and configuration of the building and codes.

NOTIFIER Integrated Systems

Important features of NOTIFIER systems are the highly sensitive smoke and heat sensors that detect trouble at the earliest moment. Early detection translates to quick response that will initiate evacuation, fire suppression and notification of emergency fire services.

Onyx Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels

The Onyx Series Control Panels come in five different configurations: NFS- 320, 320C, 320SYS, 2-640, and 2-3030. Each of these is designed for different size buildings and function independently or as part of elaborately designed networks.

The NFS-320Sys is rated as an Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System. This may be networked with a range of devices to protect a large office block or campus. With SWIFT wireless interactivity, any component of the entire network of devices may detect danger and notify all occupants of potential danger.

Integrated Networks

NOTIFIER Integrated Networks are available in other configuration options as well. The BACnet System connectivity allows for the entire system to be monitored from any remote location. These are typically used in larger applications such as hospitals, universities, and high-rise buildings.

Other NOTIFIER networks, each with specific benefits, may be tailored and installed for remote interactivity with a variety of devices.

Physical Security Capability

A complete NOTIFIER Fire Alarm System will serve double duty for physical security. During an unauthorized entry or physical threat, the system can deliver emergency instruction to occupants, lockdown entries and contact the police..

Consult HRSS: a premier NOTIFIER Distributor

NOTIFIER offers a wide range of accessories and peripheral devices, In Chicagoland, consultation with an expert from High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) will provide the information to determine the best system for your facilities.

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