The Best Fire Detection Systems: What Are My Options?

The Best Fire Detection Systems: What Are My Options?

FIRE DETECTION SYSTEMS-1Fire detection systems are critical components of any building. Since cutting corners on life protection devices is not an option, building designers must pay particular attention to the types, number and locations of all smoke, gas and fire detection equipment.

An expert licensed fire security company will collaborate during the design phase of a new or renovated building to incorporate the best fire detection system for the structure.

What Are the Best Fire Detection System Options?

Many factors must be considered when determining which fire detection systems are appropriate for a specific building. Local building codes require specific minimum capabilities. A hospital or a senior care facility, for example, requires that the system and building design are much more accommodative to the limited mobility of the occupants. Fire suppressant or sprinkler systems may be required in these situations. Zoning or smoke control are often part of the building design to isolate smoke and fire threats until occupants can be evacuated.

Older fire detection and alarm systems were simply bells or chimes alerting occupants to a developing problem. Today systems are equipped with alarms, streaming LED evacuation instructions, voice and speaker commands, horns and strobe lights. Hearing or visually impaired individuals are instantly aware of a developing problem.

High Rise Residential and Office Buildings

Precise design is the key to installing the appropriate fire detection and notification systems in any building. During the design phase of a new or renovated building, each area must be examined and electronically replicated to determine precisely what systems would best manage a potential fire and smoke situation. The placement and number of alternate evacuation routes are critical to the safety of the occupants.

But most importantly, an effective notification system starts with highly sensitive/early warning of smoke and fire detection devices. For early response, these devices should be accompanied by sets of visual and audio devices, or speaker/visuals that issue clear evacuation instructions. Central control system capable of monitoring and communicating with every zone in the building is critical to managing an orderly evacuation when needed.

NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell

An industry leader in building fire alarm equipment and notification appliances, NOTIFIER offers advanced wireless fire control panels, integrated networks, voice evacuation systems, fire/gas detection and annunciators. Properly designed systems will protect all occupants from the dangers of fire threats.

High Rise Security Systems in Chicagoland

High Rise Security Systems offers only state-of-the-art fire detection equipment and is a premium distributor of NOTIFIER equipment.

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