Fire Alarm Testing

High Rise Security Systems, LLC, is a leading fire alarm testing company for the Chicago metro area, providing proven solutions in all aspects of developing a safe and effective fire and safety system. The fire, smoke and gas detection and alarm systems are crucial to any building structure. These systems save lives in low-rise and high-rise structures alike, allowing safe evacuation of all occupants.

Testing fire alarm systems is critical in all buildings but particularly hospitals, hotels, senior centers, and high-rise office buildings. Fire alarm testing companies must have vast knowledge of an effective fire detection and alarm system, including all current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire regulation codes and guidelines. HRSS of Chicago works closely with building and electrical contractors to develop a safe and effective fire and safety system for new and existing structures, starting with the design, throughout the entire permit approval process.

Continual Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance

HRSS is a fire alarm testing company that continues to provide continual maintenance and support, including reliable fire alarm monitoring 24/7/365. Our expert licensed technicians are always available in case of emergency, providing ongoing technical support with high-performance fire detection equipment and components. We are a premiere distributor for the most trusted names in fire system equipment, including Notifier® by Honeywell which offers various fire control panel models for virtually any application.

A Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), is the main controlling unit for a fire alarm system. All Notifier fire alarm panels are approved to UL864 9th Edition, which is the most widely used and accepted “Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems”. UL864 was established in 1948, while the most recent 9th Edition entered into full force in 2008 adding 100 new pages with nearly 300 revisions.

HRSS is knowledgeable in all fire alarm testing requirements, providing licensed technical support for a wide variety of fire control panels. Notifier offers three types of fire alarm panels; Conventional, Emergency Voice Communication System, and the Onyx Series. The Conventional series includes five different models accommodating water based or agent based releasing systems for commercial, industrial and institutional structures.

The Emergency Voice Communication System is available in the Onyx Digital Voice Command, includes a multi-channel evacuation paging system, and is also UL864 9th Edition compliant.

The Onyx Series of the Notifier Fire Alarm System, also includes five different models, accommodating small to mid-sized applications featuring fast response time, with simple maintenance and usability.

HRSS of Chicago is a premier distributor for Notifier fire alarm systems and control panels, leading the industry in fire alarm testing companies with in-depth knowledge and experience.

Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspections

HRSS is a leader in testing fire alarm systems, including portable fire extinguisher inspections. We test your fire safety system to ensure all fire extinguishers are in the correct location, and are rated properly for your application. We provide a detailed annual inspection including required tags and documentation ensuring compliance to NFPA10, which provides the requirements for portable fire extinguishers to work as intended in time of need.

High Rise Security Systems, LLC employs skilled designers and licensed technicians to provide reliable and professional fire safety systems to commercial, industrial and institutional structures. We provide continual maintenance and support ensuring full compliance and safety for fire detection and alarm systems. Contact HRSS today, a leading fire alarm testing company.

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