Fire Alarm System Design

High Rise Security Systems, LLC leads the industry in creating an effective fire alarm system design for commercial and industrial buildings. We work closely with building and electrical contractors providing expert fire safety consulting as there are many important considerations for the experienced fire alarm designer.

How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

Our certified technical staff create a fire detection system design unique to each structure with AutoCAD software, generating a 2D model for accurate placement of all components. Our qualified technicians design the fire alarm system installation drawings required for compliance to all fire safety regulations including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Building Code (IBC) and American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our fire detection and alarm system designs are compliant to NFPA Code 101 and IBC, which are widely-used Life Safety Codes that address strategies for fire and safety protection with the goal of minimizing hazardous effects. Both NFPA101 and IBC NFPA101 address new and existing buildings.

NFPA72 is the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, providing updated revisions based upon technological advancements and changes in demands of society. HRSS of Chicago develops a unique fire alarm systems design compliant to these and all other applicable codes and guidelines, as enforced in your municipality according to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

We have experience compiling all necessary data sheets for submission to the AHJ, securing approval for all applicable permits.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Design Components

Initiating Devices

A critical component of a fire detection and alarm system design is the placement of all initiating devices. Automatic sensors in fire systems today are smart and sophisticated, activated by smoke, gas or fire.

Proper placement of all sensors is vital to the effective performance of any fire and safety system. They can be placed in air ducts, with automatic fan shut off to prevent the spreading of smoke or gas.

The protection and control of fire doors is an important consideration, as sensors can initiate the automatic release of overhead fire doors, securing areas containing safe evacuation for occupants, or valuable equipment and inventory in commercial and industrial settings.

Types of Notification

Voice activated notification is available through EVAC, Emergency Voice Alarm Communications, with high fidelity speakers located in areas where all occupants can hear. These voice activated systems can provide detailed audible direction on evacuation procedures, directing occupants to a safe meeting place.

Strobe lights are required in public areas which include hallways, restrooms, and lobbies. As detailed in the Accessibility Guidelines of the ADA (ADAAG), strobes lights are also required in communal areas such as classrooms and cafeterias, treatment and examination rooms and employee break rooms.

Additional Auxiliary Options

It is the code requirement to include Elevator Controls, which will direct an elevator to an alternate floor and prevent it from opening without impairing trained first responders to ascend to emergency floors for fire-fighting purposes.

Fire Alarm Detection System Design Experts

High Rise Security System, LLC is the trusted expert for safe and effective fire detection and alarm system designs, meeting all required fire regulation codes and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Contractors seeking the best in fire system designs for all new and existing structures know to call HRSS for our professional fire consulting services.
Our certified technicians perform routine inspections, testing and maintenance, and are always available in case of emergency.

High Rise Security Systems, LLC is a leading expert in designing and monitoring fire and safety systems compliant to all required regulations. We work closely with contractors to provide fire safety consulting services including permit approval. Contact us today for a proven safe and effective fire detection and alarm system design.

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