Fire Protection Services

High Rise Security Systems is a leading provider of fire protection services to many major areas in Illinois including Chicago and surrounding counties as well as Northwestern Indiana counties. We offer comprehensive fire and life safety services to any commercial property, specializing in fire protection systems for hospitals, schools and the hospitality industry. HRSS is NICET certified, is a premium dealer of UL listed fire protection equipment and employs certified technicians with knowledge of all types of fire alarm and life safety systems.


How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

Commercial Fire Protection Services

HRSS partners with building owners, managers, construction and electrical engineers to provide full fire protection services for any type of property. We provide fire alarm, smoke and gas detection, portable fire extinguishers and total fire protection system design to high rise properties, low rise buildings, mass complexes and campuses. Your safety is our number one concern as we provide the following fire protection services:

Fire alarm system design – our skilled designers are the best in the business and provide detailed fire alarm system design customized to your property and building architecture. We show you the blueprints designed with auto CAD software the exact location of all equipment, sensors and notification devices.

Fire alarm inspection –fire alarm inspections are required for commercial properties as referenced by NFPA standards. Visual inspections are required bi-annually while functional testing by a certified fire alarm company is required annually. Our experienced and certified technicians provide a thorough inspection of your fire alarm system following a detailed checklist.

Fire alarm repair – HRSS provides certified fire alarm repair services to any type of commercial fire alarm system including addressable systems. It is important to repair faulty components immediately and to respond to ground fault notifications to prevent costlier repairs.

System monitoring – HRSS provides comprehensive fire protection services including monitoring of your fire alarm system 24/7/365. Reliable, uninterrupted monitoring prevents catastrophic failures.

Fire extinguisher service – HRSS provides licensed fire extinguisher service in the state of Illinois to ensure all portable fire extinguishers are fully equipped and ready to use. Fire extinguishers provide your first line of defense in controlling a fire before it turns into an uncontrollable blaze. Our fire alarm system designers ensure that your extinguishers are placed according to code with convenient access.

Fire alarm system consulting – HRSS is one of the most respected fire alarm system consulting providers in the area. We are known for our in-depth expertise of system design and additional fire protection services.

High-Rise Security Systems provides all of these fire alarm system services along with reputable, UL listed equipment. We work closely with building owners and managers to ensure they know how to use and operate their system. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about our comprehensive fire protection services.

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