Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

The most important systems in any building, high-rise or low-rise, are the fire and smoke detection and alarm systems. Whether the systems reside in a hotel, hospital, office building or senior center, the fire detection and alerting system must be maintained in the highest possible standards and monitored continually. The costs of failure are unthinkable and the risks of allowing a system to go unmonitored by a fire alarm monitoring service are monumental.

How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

Building owners invest a great deal of capital to install the best state-of-the-art alarm systems. Having all of the important elements such as fire and smoke detection, internal warnings, evacuation plan and fire suppression capability are important. But they are more effective if someone is constantly supervising them.

An external fire alarm monitoring system is a necessary component to advise outside authorities of what may be happening at any time with the fire detection system.

What Does a Fire Alarm Monitoring Service Do?

Fire alarm monitoring services are contracted to monitor the fire alarm activity and are frequently linked to other security services as well. When the system detects a potential fire situation, the 24-hour monitoring service receives a signal that the building’s fire alarm and detection system has been activated. Within seconds the service immediately notifies the fire department and (or) police of the emergency.

Early detection and response can save lives and considerable damage to the structure. Monitoring companies should have an intimate understanding of the equipment and locations of alarms within their client’s building. Knowledge of this plus a clear understanding of the locations within the building can be important information for the responding emergency services.

With professional, UL-certified, 24-hour fire alarm monitoring services, supervisory detection of certain element malfunctions such as sprinklers will send a signal to the fire alarm monitoring service . In these instances, the service can notify building personnel. The monitoring service also maintains detailed records of each alarm or malfunction signal for future reference.

High Rise Security Services Provides Monitoring in Chicago

HRSS works with many of the public, private and institutional building managers in the Chicagoland area. The company is staffed with trained and certified experts with an intimate knowledge of fire alarm and suppression equipment. Working with Honeywell’s advanced Notifier systems, HRSS employs highly sophisticated monitoring systems that transmit alerts at the moment of fire detection. These systems can be integrated with their other security monitoring systems. And the systems are monitored and serviced regularly for sure operations.

At the moment the information is received, emergency services are notified, dispatched and advised of the status of the potential danger. Quick response is the key to minimizing damage and saving lives.

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