Fire Systems

A key component to any intelligent addressable fire alarms are integrated into buildings today, fire, smoke and gas detection. The most sensitive, adaptable high-rise fire security and detection are essential for hospitals, universities, office buildings, apartments and condominiums where many occupants, residents and employees reside and work. Early detection is key to a safe evacuation or disaster.
High Rise Security Systems, a fire safety company, represents manufacturers of the most sophisticated smoke sensing, fire detection and alarm systems available. Easy-to-install, program and maintain, these wireless systems will provide the security you seek and comply with code.

Fire Safety Products

HRSS has partnered with the most advanced security management and fire detection companies in the industry. These include Notifier by Honeywell, System Sensor, Safe Detection, Cornell, Fire-Lite, GemCom, Cooper-Wheelock, and SpaceAge Electronics.
Products include:

  • Fire alarm control panels and integrated systems
  • Peripheral devices such as intelligent sensors, addressable early warning devices and notification devices
  • Gas detection devices
  • Fire command and Annunciators
  • Advanced smoke sensor technology
  • Voice notification appliances
  • Incipient air sampling systems

Planning for New Construction and Retrofits

During a new building planning and construction phase, HRSS experts will collaborate to design and customize the most effective fire protection system possible. For retrofits, this fire safety company experts will assess the needs of your particular building to provide safety of all occupants. The fire and gas detection sensor capability can be integrated into the building automation system, for a more efficiently protected building.

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