NOTIFIER Self Testing Detectors

NOTIFIER Self Testing Detectors

NOTIFIER SELF TESTING DETECTORSNOTIFIER® by Honeywell has been a leader in fire alarm system technology for more than 70 years and has reinvented the industry with integrated solutions and self-testing detection devices.  The NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors is part of an integrated solution including the INSPRE™ fully networkable system and Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), an impressive end-to-end software solution. 

NOTIFIER self-testing detectors are the first UL approved detectors that can test themselves, providing businesses with valuable time saved during inspections, peace of mind and convenient, digitized reports.

Self-Testing Technology: Reinventing Detection Testing 

Self-testing technology is quick, safe, and compliant, and reinvents the way detection devices are tested.  Until now, safety testing could be disruptive to a busy company’s operations with technicians spending hours in the facility and requiring access to detectors in hard to reach places.  Fire detection inspections would require a technician to access high ceilings or locked rooms, with obstacles in hard to access areas putting inspections, and your building safety, at risk.

Self-testing technology eliminates these hassles as each device can automatically introduce small amounts of smoke and heat into a detection chamber to test the thermal and photo sensors.  This ensures that the entry points are free from obstruction and allows for a quick visual inspection, as each detector tested is recorded and included in a digitized inspection report.  This saves valuable time on your premises and provides quick access to reports for regulatory compliance requirements.

NOTIFIER Self-Testing Detector Process Saves Valuable Time 

As reported by Honeywell in a recent article, Why Your Facility Needs the First UL-Approved Self-Testing Detector, traditional smoke detector testing for a 50-detector system would require two technicians and take approximately 2.5 hours, without encountering issues in accessing devices.  One technician would need to spray canned smoke into the detector while the other manned the panel to be sure the test was successful, while also ensuring that another device was not signaling a real emergency with the system in ‘test mode’.  An inspection report would be manually transcribed talking about another hour to complete.

Self-testing technology revolutionizes the smoke detector testing process with only one technician required for the same 50-detector system and taking only about 40 minutes of their time.  Since each device performs a functional self-test automatically, a quick visual inspection is all that is needed eliminating the need to climb ladders and individually test each device.  This significantly reduces technician time at your facility and disruptions to your daily operations. The digitized report confirms testing of each device and compliance to applicable safety regulations and saves time without the need to manually transcribe your inspection report.

High Rise Security Systems is a Premier NOTIFIER Distributor

High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, is a premier NOTIFIER distributor offering the best UL listed fire detection products with the latest innovative technology.  We understand the complexity of managing fire and life safety systems for various commercial facilities and offer solutions that meet your safety needs tailored to your unique building structures and business operations. Our fire safety specialists provide complete system design with in-depth technical knowledge of all local, state, and federal safety regulations including the Chicago Building Code.

HRSS is a leading fire and life safety system provider offering comprehensive solutions including system design, UL listed equipment and fire alarm system services.  Our technicians are NICET certified and field trained, offering fire alarm system testing, inspections, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.  Contact us with any questions on your fire alarm system and learn the benefits of NOTIFIER’s integrated solutions including self-testing detectors.

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