NOTIFIER® by Honeywell is the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with more than 70 years of experience in delivering innovative fire protection technology. HRSS is a premier distributor of NOTIFIER with extensive knowledge of all fire alarm system products and the latest in technological advancements such as integrated safety solutions and wireless technology. We offer all NOTIFIER fire alarm system products and help to identify the best fire alarm control panel and peripherals for your business and property safety needs.

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NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire alarm control panels are either conventional or addressable, with conventional systems dividing property into zones without identifying specific devices. An addressable system gives reliable information on the location of initiating devices which are on a loop with the control panel. Initiating devices include pull stations, heat and smoke detectors, HVAC, and gas detectors.

NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels (FACPs) are available for any type of business including small to mid-sized companies, high-rise buildings, and sprawling campuses. HRSS can explain the difference in functionality and customizable features such as the number of devices that each system will support and future upgrade considerations. The main differences in FACPs are whether they are addressable, the functionality and the number of devices they can connect to.

NOTIFIER ONYX Series – fire alarm control panels for any size of property from small to mid-sized and large scale applications with addressable functionality. From the NFS320 for small applications to the NFS2-3030 for large scale applications which supports more than 3,000 devices, NOTIFIER ONYX Series is flexible to support a wide range of business properties.

NOTIFIER FireWarden Series – these FACPs are designed more for small to medium applications and offer a middle ground solution between conventional systems and the ONYX addressable systems. FireWarden Series of FACPs have a single signaling line circuit on the loop but with greater customization and addressable device capability. The FireWarden 50X provides advanced, addressable intelligence to small and medium applications. The FireWarden 100X supports up to 198 addressable devices with all the features of the -100 FACPs, yet easily replaces applications served previously by conventional panels.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels are the right solution for some commercial and industrial buildings providing reliable detection and protection.

HRSS offers the latest in NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels for any size of property with the right system peripherals, power, and service to ensure maximum safety and code compliance.

NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Peripherals

NOTIFIER offers a wide selection of fire alarm peripheral equipment including critical detection and initiating devices, notification devices including horns and strobes, power supplies and fully integrated safety and security systems. NOTIFIER offers a wide selection of peripheral devices to support every type of control panel such as:
Audible Visual Notifications
CO Alarm
Control Panels
Duct Detectors
Emergency Command Centers
Heat Detectors
IP Intercom Stations
Power Supplies
Pull Stations
Smoke Detectors
Turbine IP Station

HRSS offers complete fire alarm system design with recommendations for the right peripherals for your system including proper placement of each device for maximum protection. Our fire and life safety specialists help you find the best system to meet your needs with extensive knowledge of all NOTIFIER products including FACPs, peripherals and the latest technology such as SWIFT wireless by NOTIFIER and fully integrated systems. We help building owners and contractors to install the right fire and life safety system that provides the greatest value and ensure full code compliance. Whether installing a new system or requiring a fire alarm system upgrade, NOTIFIER has a product for you that provides reliable protection and long-term value.

HRSS offers complete NOTIFIER fire alarm systems with the right technology to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our customers appreciate our thoroughness and ongoing support including inspections, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and reliable monitoring 24/7/356. Contact us with any questions on finding the best value for your safety system with NOTIFIER by Honeywell fire alarm system products.