Considerations for Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems for Commercial Properties

Considerations for Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems for Commercial Properties

Purchasing fire alarm and life safety systems for commercial properties is a big decision, one that requires careful planning and participation from the building owners. Owners of commercial property that participate in the purchase and installation decisions of fire and life safety systems reap the biggest rewards. When building owners know how to evaluate the total costs of their fire alarm systems, they experience greater value with control of ongoing expenditures and a system that is customized to their needs.

Knowing what to ask of fire alarm system providers is important to obtain the life safety system that is catered to your type of business, providing total protection for an agreed upon price that is clearly understood. Be sure to evaluate and discuss the fine print of proposed service contracts to understand how the fire alarm company will charge for ongoing services. Fire alarm testing and technology upgrades can become significant expenses following installation and should be accounted for in your initial evaluation.

Evaluate Important Terms and Conditions of Fire Alarm Service Contracts

Be sure to evaluate the following areas of all fire alarm system contracts:

  • Manufacturer list prices – All fire alarm system manufacturers publish list prices annually, you should know what these are for parts and equipment and not pay more than the provider’s list price. Ask if they offer a discount off of the manufacturer list price.
  • Hourly rates – Know the hourly rates you’ll be charged for regular visits, weekend, evening or holiday charges and emergency services. Ask if there is a minimum charge for service calls, and how much it is.
  • Guaranty of hourly rates – Ask how long the proposed rates are guaranteed and how often they issue increases. Ask for the date and amount of the last price increase.
  • Emergency response time – Ask them what their average emergency response time is.
  • Warranty – Be sure that you understand what is covered in the warranty for the length of the warranty period.
  • Training – commercial properties should have trained personnel on staff who understand how to respond to fire alarm system emergencies. Before purchasing a fire alarm system, be sure that you know how training will be provided and how much it will cost.

Evaluating all these terms of your fire alarm system contract will provide more control over costs and a better life safety system which is designed around your needs.

Consult with Fire Alarm Safety Specialists for a Thorough Evaluation of Your Commercial Fire Alarm and Life Safety System

A professional fire alarm and life safety system specialist can help you to evaluate these many areas of installation and service to realize the greatest value. Commercial fire alarm consulting companies can provide a thorough analysis of various systems with a detailed design of the best system for your property. Experienced fire alarm system providers will help you obtain the most value from your chosen life safety system, one that meets your needs and your budget.

High Rise Security Systems is an experienced fire alarm and life safety system specialist, providing reliable protection to commercial property owners in and around the Chicago area for over 30 years. We offer a thorough evaluation of your fire alarm system needs to help you identify the life safety system which would provide the greatest value. Contact us today to learn more about evaluating commercial fire alarm systems.

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