Why Building Owners Must Participate in Selecting Fire Life Safety Systems

technician working on Fire and Life Safety SystemsWhen industrial or commercial buildings require the installation of a fire and life safety system either as part of new construction or a renovation, it is very important for the building owner to participate in the purchasing decision. Building owners should always be concerned about the safety of their occupants, but they are also concerned with upfront and ongoing costs associated with all building maintenance and repairs including installing and maintaining a fire alarm and safety system. When building owners participate in the decision making of purchasing and installing life safety systems, they have much more control over the total cost of these systems and the immediate and ongoing value provided.

The total cost and value of a fire and life safety system is not just in the purchase and installation but includes many other considerations that building owners must evaluate. By working with building and electrical contractors rather than leaving all the decision making to an outside contracting firm, building owners reap the biggest rewards. Participation in the purchase of building safety systems ensures that building owners will receive the right system for their property, one that delivers:

  • Code compliant protection against disasters, meeting all NFPA, IBC, ADA and local code regulations
  • An easy to operate life safety system with training included for building personnel
  • Clearly defined costs for all services including maintenance, repairs, emergency services, and technology upgrades

When property owners participate in the purchasing decision of life safety systems, they meet all these objectives and more. With a little legwork and talking to the right people, you can make a big difference in the current and future building protection provided in addition to controlling the total expense of your life safety system.

How Building Owners Can Participate in Selecting Fire and Life Safety Systems

Building owners should begin some initial research by speaking with other building owners to see what type of life safety system they chose to install on their property and what they liked or didn’t like about it. When making this initial research be sure to ask about the capabilities of the system, the dependability and ongoing costs associated with repairs, maintenance or technology upgrades. Just as owners would do some cost comparison shopping for a new piece of machinery or equipment, they should do the same research and comparisons for life safety systems, which is a valuable building asset.

Speaking with an experienced fire alarm system consultant will provide you with added information to conduct a thorough evaluation of all the important considerations.

Speak with a Fire Alarm Systems Consultant

Speaking with an experienced fire alarm system consultant will provide you with added information to conduct a thorough evaluation of all the important considerations. Experienced fire alarm professionals help you to evaluate all important considerations to be sure that you install the right life safety system for your building. Working with an independent fire alarm systems provider gives you the benefit of evaluating various manufacturers to make the most informed decision.

High Rise Security Systems offers professional and licensed fire and safety system consultants with over 30 years of experience in delivering life safety solutions that match your objectives and your budget.

High Rise Security Systems is a leading fire alarm and life safety system specialist serving the Chicagoland area, offering professional fire alarm consulting services. We provide ongoing service including maintenance, repairs, inspection and monitoring 24/7/365. Contact us today to learn more about how to evaluate the total cost of your fire alarm system.

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