Systems of Duress:  Audible Protection with Quick Dispatch

Systems of Duress: Audible Protection with Quick Dispatch

Recent current events have caused much uncertainty for business owners of all sizes, from economic survival to protecting workers and property with a scarce work force. A lonely trip to the office is the new normal for many in the midst of a pandemic, where once busy offices are now scarcely occupied. Employees are expected to adapt yet feeling unsafe in your work environment is not an option.

Building owners must be concerned about the physical safety of every person on their property, whether a threat comes from a disgruntled employee, a stranger off the street, vandalism or looting. If your employees or occupants need immediate help, you have a responsibility to put protections in place. A person under attack may not always have the means to call 9-1-1, which may dispatch police but would not deliver visual or audible alerts to deter an attacker.

Audible and Visual Alerts

Systems of Duress are a network of devices that can cause loud audible sounds or flash visual indicators to deter a potential attack, while alerting your monitoring company to dispatch emergency help. There are numerous products and systems available today which can easily be integrated into your existing fire alarm system, utilizing existing wiring.
UL implemented a UL 9th edition in 2004, requiring fire alarm panel manufacturers to make standard a 10-second maximum response between a detected signal and initiating a control respond. In the case of  NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell equipment, detection and control typically happens within 5 seconds.

NOTIFIER Emergency Duress Stations

With the use of a NOTIFIER system, Emergency Duress Stations can be strategically placed throughout a facility and loud decibel horns and strobes can act as a deterrent, advising an offender that authorities have been summoned. Lesser costing blue stations and audible visual strobes can easily be added throughout an office than costly, larger heavy steel stations.
The use of wireless pendants is another option, which can be made available to provide 100% floor coverage if a worker feels it necessary.

With the use of an addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, (FACP) there would be point identification from where the emergency signal originated, giving authorities quick reference to the area needing help. Upon activating the alarm, the Emergency monitoring service company will receive the duress call and dispatch the police within a maximum of 90 seconds and even faster in many cases. Further, buildings with in-house security personnel are quickly notified with locally provided alpha numeric displays and/or web based smart devices to be able to provide even faster assistance prior to police arriving.

Addressable FACP Benefits System of Duress

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels can greatly reduce the cost of installation if the need to add duress stations is of interest. With an existing addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, the following benefits and protections are provided when integrating a system of duress:

  • Local request for emergency assistance with low-costing stations
  • Point Identification of the emergency
  • Wireless Options for wider coverages
  • Loud Noise Makers and Visual Strobes
  • Summoning the Police within 90 seconds maximum
  • Making in-house security personal aware of needed help within 10 seconds

If this type of emergency station interests you, HRSS can provide a free evaluation, site survey and proposal.

High Rise Security Systems provides fire alarm and life safety system solutions to commercial property owners, managers and contractors in Illinois. We offer site evaluations, UL listed products, fire alarm system maintenance, monitoring, service and repairs with code compliance. Contact us with any questions about protecting your property and occupants with reliable fire alarm life safety systems including systems of duress.

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