The New 2020 Chicago Life Safety Way

The New 2020 Chicago Life Safety Way

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Chicago Code Requirements

 The City of Chicago has been conducting a multi-year effort to comprehensively update building construction codes and standards including fire, life and safety requirements.  The latest 2019 Chicago IBC Codes were introduced in 2019 with a schedule to phase in all regulations between June of 2019 and August of 2020. 

The 2019 Chicago IBC was based on the 2018 International Building Code (IBC), with many significant changes required to protect more buildings than under previous code requirements.  NFPA 72 is very much a part of these latest Chicago Code requirements, as we cover in our article, 2019 Chicago Building Code: What You Need to Know.  In addition to these many highlighted changes which took effect August of 2020, there are additional general requirements we would like to point out.

The following are general requirements which may have particular exceptions:

  • Complete smoke detection coverage is required in corridors when open to elevator lobbies
  • Speakers required in all sleeping rooms and common living spaces
  • NFPA 72 compliant Notification required in all sprinklered buildings
  • Sprinkler systems require proper alarm and supervisory connections
  • Work Place environments require ADA strobes
  • A Manual Pull Station System is required in all 2 stories or greater buildings
  • All Apartment buildings that sleep greater than 16 units require an automatic fire alarm system
  • 75 DB minimums, 75 db to Pillow, and 15 db above ambient noise levels is expected
  • Lumber Storage areas require Smoke Detection Coverage
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors to be installed in all Classrooms
  • Special amusement facilities require smoke detection throughout
  • Background music and theatrical sound systems must shut down during alarm condition

These are just a few of the updated requirements included in the 2019 Chicago IBC updated codes.  High Rise Security Systems is here for you to help you understand how these changes affect you and your fire, life and safety system requirements.  Do not get caught unprepared or worse yet, unprotected.

HRSS offers comprehensive fire alarm safety system consultations, system design, UL listed equipment, service, maintenance, repairs and monitoring.  You can count on our decades of service and in depth industry knowledge to keep your property and occupants safe, with code compliant life-saving technology.  Contact us to make sure that you are up to date with the latest on Chicago’s Fire, Life and Safety regulations for 2020.



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