Commercial Fire Alarm System

Every business, large or small, should be protected with sensitive and highly reliable fire detection systems designed precisely for the unique elements of their building. One size does not fit all with a commercial fire alarm system and different types of buildings require different equipment. Occupant or employee safety is the ultimate priority for every building manager or facilities supervisor. Building owners or managers must be confident that the most effective detection equipment is in place and functional at all times.

Computer-Aided Designs

With computer-aided design (CAD) capability, fire and evacuation systems are properly designed to the strictest codes and standards to assure that commercial fire alarm systems are properly installed for your premises. With computer aided design documents all authorities and customers will have the latest revisions and the same documents for easier reviewing and coordination purposes with other trades.

Early Warning Technology

High Rise Security Systems in the Chicago area uses Notifier by Honeywell technology along with several other highly effective equipment suppliers to provide the safest integrated fire systems available. Whether this highly sensitive equipment is designed and installed as an integrated package or connected to existing infrastructure, the designs will provide the best possible and affordable protection available.

While one cannot put a value on the safety of employees and visitors within commercial buildings, properly designed systems can be developed at relatively low cost. The key is to plan properly, provide the necessary redundancies, and not over-engineer. Close collaboration with your local AHJ will yield the most optimal solutions and results.

Worry-Free Installation and Maintenance

Equipment for an effective commercial fire alarm system is not just about loud bells, to alert occupants of potential danger somewhere in the area. Systems now incorporate control panels with advanced smoke sensing technologies that can detect potential problems at a very early stage. Integrated systems are capable of establishing a centralized fire command center information that identifies the locations of developing problems while directing human evacuation, sending alerts to the local fire department and controlling adjacent systems to ease evacuation.

All systems for security, access points, closed-circuit TV, lock-down capability and fire, gas and smoke detection can be integrated to allow for complete control and monitoring from a central location.

After the commercial fire alarm system is installed, it should be tested regularly with special testing equipment to ensure all components are working properly. Your security and fire safety vendor should conduct regularly scheduled maintenance and performance checks, per the strictest NFPA and UL standards.

Accessories and Available Features

Fire warning systems for commercial buildings may include 1 and 2-way communications, emergency door unlocking to ensure easy egress, elevator recall capability, early warning sensors, incipient level sensors, heat detection and leak water flow detection.

A number of additional early warning devices are available to be integrated into the overall fire detection and alarm systems. State of the art equipment as intelligent sensors, high clarity audio speakers, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers and relays are integrated together to intelligently address all types of emergencies.

Gas Monitoring Systems

HRSS also carries Honeywell’s latest E3Point Toxic and Combustible Gas Monitor devices and systems. This system broadens the range of gas detection capability beyond current technology. These monitoring systems can be installed wirelessly. For applications where ventilation of dangerous gases is a challenge, gas monitoring systems can span wide areas to multiple floors which will identify problem areas before these become hazardous to humans.

HRSS Services

In the Chicagoland region, High Rise Security Systems is a UL-certified purveyor and installer of the most technologically advanced fire, gas and smoke detection equipment available. In addition to professional collaboration and design, HRSS will provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the integrity of your systems.

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