Category: <span>Commercial Fire Alarms</span>

Category: Commercial Fire Alarms

Redundant Gas Monitoring System For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens can be hazardous environments where various types of cooking equipment use gas or propane for cooking. Equipment such as grills, fryers, commercial stoves, and ovens present a constant flammable danger to employees and must be monitored for both combustible and toxic gas hazards. Carbon monoxide (CO) is the …

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Who Governs Commercial Fire Alarm Systems?

Commercial fire alarm systems are designed to protect the building and occupants with unique features specific to the building or business type, although every fire safety system shares commonalities. The fire safety code requirements vary depending on the building and business type. For example, a manufacturer will have different code …

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NOTIFIER® Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

  NOTIFIER® Connected Life Safety Services, CLSS, streamlines the way your life safety system is installed, tested, serviced, and maintained while providing many breakthrough benefits to building owners. NOTIFIER® by Honeywell is known for developing high-tech, first-to-market solutions in fire alarm and life safety. The latest innovation in fire safety, …

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NOTIFIER Self Testing Detectors

NOTIFIER® by Honeywell has been a leader in fire alarm system technology for more than 70 years and has reinvented the industry with integrated solutions and self-testing detection devices.  The NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors is part of an integrated solution including the INSPRE™ fully networkable system and Honeywell Connected …

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