Category: <span>Fire Detection System Design</span>

Category: Fire Detection System Design

How Do Building Features Affect Fire Protection

Many factors affect the behavior of fire in a building and the stability of the structure under fire conditions.  Combustible construction materials such as typical wood-frame and heavy timber structures add to fuel load, whereas non-combustible and fire-resistant materials do not.  There are basically five categories to group indicators that …

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What Components Complete a Fire Alarm System?

A commercial fire alarm system is an essential part of total life safety for commercial and industrial properties.  Commercial building fire alarm systems can be quite complex such as high-rise buildings with multiple levels or sprawling campuses with many buildings and facilities that must be connected for mass notification. Commercial …

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Fire Alarm Technology and Innovation

 Fire alarm technology must continually evolve with innovative solutions to meet increasing demands. Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, a name recognized among the best fire alarm manufacturers in the world, continues to improve life and safety systems with research, development and innovative technology. Fire-Lite is known for delivering advanced technology and …

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Fire Alarm System Options Depend on Building Design

Fire alarm systems consist of sophisticated equipment, sensitive devices and controls that must all work together to prevent loss of life and property.  When evaluating fire alarm systems and considering the many options available, it is best to work with a fire safety system specialist to sift through the options …

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Chicago Comparison to NFPA

I am often asked, “When is a building in Chicago required or non-required?” There are a couple of Chicago Building Code Chapters to be familiar with,13-76*, 15-16-110. Though there are other chapters to be considered, these are the primaries. Type of Occupancies: “Required” Status High Rise Building, any Building or …

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