Why is Fire Alarm Design So important?

Why is Fire Alarm Design So important?

Fire Alarm DesignThe fire alarm system is one of the most important elements of any building.  Protecting occupants and preventing tragedy should be the main concern of any business owner. Fire alarms and life safety systems must be designed correctly to protect people and property as intended. Any delay in detection of an emergency or notification to occupants could have catastrophic consequences.

Fire Alarm System Design in New or Existing Buildings

Whether remodeling an existing building or constructing a new building, fire alarm system design experts collaborate with business owners and building contractors to ensure that all devices are appropriately placed.  All fire, smoke and gas detection equipment must be properly placed according to code regulations to accurately detect an emergency as quickly as possible. All notification equipment including visual alerts such as strobe lights, and audible evacuation equipment including horns or mass notification systems must be properly located to direct occupants to safety.

Commercial Fire Alarm System Design Services

High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, offers commercial fire alarm system design to businesses in and around Chicago, working closely with building owners and contractors. We have an entire department dedicated to fire alarm system design, utilizing AutoCAD software to create an accurate design to scale for proper placement of all fire alarm system equipment and devices.  HRSS offers experience with complex fire alarm system design requirements including high-rise structures with multiple floors or mass complexes such as healthcare facilities or college campuses.

Ensuring proper placement of all detection and notification equipment is vital to saving lives and property. HRSS is recognized for our in-depth knowledge of all applicable code requirements and is respected by building and electrical contractors for ensuring safety in all fire alarm systems that we design. We offer decades of experience and expertise in addressing all key considerations for the best commercial fire alarm system design.

Key Factors In Designing Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Along with proper placement of all devices and equipment, additional considerations include meeting all applicable code requirements from all regulating authorities including:

  • Chicago Building Code, CBC
  • International Building Code, IBC
  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA
  • Americans With Disabilities Act, ADA

HRSS aids our clients in understanding the applicable code requirements for your type of business and building structure and we ensure complete compliance with professional, commercial fire alarm system design. In addition to meeting all code regulations, key considerations for the best fire alarm system design for your property include:

  • Integrated security considerations – detect and respond to emergencies other than fire
  • Reducing false alarms – ensuring accurate fire, smoke or gas detection as well as interpreting an outside threat such as unwanted intruders, theft, or burglary
  • Planning for future expansions – a fire alarm system designed for your property today may not meet the needs of tomorrow.
  • Controlling costs with upgrades – in addition to planning for expansions, consideration should be given to the most cost-effective plan when expansion is expected. Nonproprietary fire alarm equipment is ideal when planning for expansion and eliminates the need to replace entire systems while allowing to build upon an already installed system.

HRSS offers expertise in helping our clients to address all key considerations with a thorough and accurate fire alarm and life safety system design. We help to integrate fire protection with security such as controlled access and automatic locking or unlocking of doors, for example. We understand how to design a code compliant system, exactly what equipment is necessary and where it should be located with cost-effective solutions to prepare for the future.

Our experienced fire alarm system design team can help to answer all your questions such as if strobes are required in your workplace areas, whether you need a sprinklered system or how to incorporate mass notification systems when beneficial or required by code. We go above and beyond code requirements to ensure protection for your unique building structure and business activities. 

HRSS is a leading fire alarm and safety system provider in the Chicago area, protecting commercial properties of all sizes. We design fire and safety integrated systems for hospitals, hotels, schools, medical complexes, and other types of businesses large and small. Contact us with any questions about your fire and safety system including how to upgrade or integrate security with a code compliant commercial fire alarm system design.



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