What Is An Integrated Alarm System

What Is An Integrated Alarm System

Integrated Alarm System*This article was published on 8/17/2016    and updated on 12/09/2021

An integrated safety and security system is a combination of various equipment and components that provide a multilayered level of protection against various threats. Integrated alarm systems include fire safety with detection and notification devices, enhanced security with things like automatic locking or unlocking of doors and mass notification systems as well as reliable monitoring.

Integrated Alarm System Components 

Integration of alarm system components provides valuable protection to many types of properties whether a small business, a storage warehouse, industrial manufacturing, or high-rise hotels. Quick detection and response to various threats whether a fire or security risk is necessary to protect people and property. Integration of safety and security systems provides many benefits to business owners with comprehensive protection.

Additional benefits include cost savings and easy upgrades when working with experienced fire and life safety consultants and non proprietary fire alarm equipment. Components of an integrated alarm system include:

  • Fire safety with notification and detection devices
  • Security systems such as secure access and mass notification systems
  • Video surveillance provides valuable protection with wireless cameras, night-vision, recording capabilities and easy installation
  • Continual monitoring provides reliable dispatch to emergency personnel
  • Evacuation procedures and equipment such as audible evacuation equipment helps direct occupants to safety

Integrating all these systems into one network provides practical, responsive, and cost-effective protection.

How an Integrated Alarm System Protects Your People and Property 

Integrated alarm systems provide the greatest level of protection with various components for smoke and fire safety, security alerts and continual monitoring. Early detection of fire, smoke or gas will provide early warning of an emergency in time to safely evacuate. Unauthorized access could activate alarms to notify security personnel of a breach. Video surveillance including closed-circuit TV along with motion detectors could track unauthorized personnel, help to locate stranded individuals and give visual information on the extent of fire damage in certain areas.

In any case, monitoring and quick dispatch is critical to saving lives and property. Audible alerts such as smoke alarms, automatic evacuation procedures, and fire suppression systems like automated sprinklers provide quick response to fire. Visual alerts such as strobe lights are required in areas such as public hallways or work areas of the hearing impaired. Designing your integrated alarm system for maximum safety and code compliance is critical to achieve the level of protection your system is designed for.

Integrated Alarm System Design 

Only an experienced fire alarm and life safety system provider should design your integrated alarm system to ensure maximum safety and code compliance. High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, offers code compliant integrated alarm system design based on decades of experience and utilizing only high-quality, UL listed equipment. By integrating non proprietary fire alarm system equipment from the best names in the industry of fire safety you can enjoy the highest level of protection with the most cost-effective solution.


Monitoring can be performed from a central location on the property or from a remote location. Sophisticated monitoring available today provides peace of mind 24/7 with quick dispatch to emergency personnel. Fire alarm systems can provide technologically advanced monitoring of the safety system and components themselves, alerting building owners and fire safety providers when equipment requires maintenance.

Integrated alarm systems allow for easy identification of emergencies and quick response to a wide range of security threats. 

HRSS provides integrated fire alarm, life safety and security systems to commercial properties in and around Chicago. We offer decades of experience and in-depth expertise in designing alarm systems to meet all fire and safety code regulations. Contact us to learn how to protect your people and property with integrated safety and security systems.


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