How Honeywell Life Safety Systems Benefit Your Industry Sector

honeywell fire protectionHoneywell is the most recognized name among fire alarm manufacturers with fire and life safety systems installed worldwide across many industry sectors.  Hospitals, college campuses, sports arenas, high-rise hotels, and various commercial properties rely upon Notifier® by Honeywell to protect their greatest assets, people and property.

Honeywell fire and emergency communication systems deliver reliable detection and communication with early warning, providing critical time to react in emergency situations. Notifier® delivers what other life safety systems can’t with: 

  • Integrated Emergency Communications – connecting multiple buildings across a campus or multiple floors of high-rise structures with integrated systems for early warning
  • Geographically Dispersed – connect campuses and even multiple sites locally or globally
  • Mobile Monitoring – monitor, diagnose and manage your system on the go from anywhere at any moment
  • Meet Challenging Environments – meet the demands of challenging environments with advanced technologies

Honeywell life safety systems provide these benefits and many more to a wide range of industry sectors. Notifier® by Honeywell offers flexible and expandable life safety systems proven in many case studies.

Hospital Case Study 

EXPANSION: A hospital located in a big city had grown steadily for several years and underwent major capital improvements with the addition of a six-story Pavilion containing 24 operating rooms, several patient care suites, a pharmacy and a food court.

CHALLENGE: The challenge was to ensure the continual safety of the patients and staff while overhauling the existing Notifier fire alarm system.  This included expanding into new structures and networking across a 600,000 square-foot campus with multiple buildings.  It was critical to maintain existing data and functionality while considering the time and cost of installation.

SOLUTION: a Notifier fire safety system was selected for advanced functionalities and the capability to upgrade older technologies seamlessly.  A Digital Voice Command (DVC) system was implemented for customized, campus wide notification. Networkable ONYX® Series NFS2-3030 fire alarm control panels replaced existing panels.

RESULTS: this Notifier® by Honeywell life safety system provided many benefits with seamless conversion to new fire alarm control panels without any data loss. The life safety and emergency communications system was upgraded and expanded across all existing and new structures. Voice commands were customized for targeted structures.

This was the ideal solution for a multi-structure, complex campus and still provides flexibility and scalability for future expansions.

HRSS Is a Premier Distributor of Honeywell Life Safety Systems 

High-Rise Security Systems is a Premier distributor of Honeywell life safety systems and provides experienced fire alarm system design and consulting services. We are recognized as an authority on fire and life safety systems designed for complete code compliance and maximum protection. We work closely with building owners and contractors in all industry sectors to provide fire and life safety systems which protect your greatest assets and save lives.

HRSS offers professional fire and life safety system services including design, inspection, maintenance, repairs and monitoring 24/7/365.  We are a Premier distributor of the best names in fire alarm system manufacturing including Notifier® by Honeywell. Contact us to learn how Honeywell life safety systems can benefit your industry.


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