High Tech Fire Alarm Systems Give Early Warning to Prevent Disasters

fire panelCommercial property owners have a responsibility to equip their buildings with reliable high-tech fire alarm systems to protect occupants and visitors from tragic disasters. High tech fire and safety systems available today provide early warning to help save property and lives. When evaluating fire alarm systems, be sure to speak with an independent fire and safety systems specialist to know all your options before making a purchase.

Fire and safety consultants experienced in commercial properties will have the knowledge of various systems from different manufacturers and will help you determine which system and equipment is right for your structure.

Advanced Features from High Tech Fire and Safety Systems

Fire alarm control panels have evolved over the years with improved technology, providing networked solutions and controlling a wide variety of high-tech fire alarm equipment. Smart sensors can detect smoke or noxious gases at amazingly low levels by measuring the amount of gas in the atmosphere for early detection. Control panels can network together to protect several zones controlled from a central monitoring unit or may even be monitored remotely.

Fully addressable systems are ideal in high rise structures as smart sensors provide the exact location of smoke or fire, identifying the original source to a particular room on a specific floor. Fire alarm systems today can integrate with auxiliary equipment to automatically open doors for evacuation, engage elevator recall to bring all elevators to a particular floor and begin visual and audible alerts. Strobe lights are required in certain locations and audible evacuation procedures helpful to direct occupants through the best exit path while preventing panic.

Be sure that you have evaluated all your options when choosing a fire alarm system for commercial property. You may be surprised to find a high-tech fire and safety system to be more affordable than you think with advancements in technology and especially when working with an experienced fire and safety system consultant.

HRSS Offers Fire Alarm System Consulting for Commercial Property Owners

High Rise Security Systems offers experienced and independent fire alarm system consulting with decades of experience in designing and equipping commercial property. We help building owners in Illinois and all over the Chicago area with high-tech fire alarm systems at an affordable cost. We have in-depth knowledge of fire alarm systems from different manufacturers and experience in designing the right system for various structural designs.

We provide a detailed fire detection system design noting proper placement of all equipment including control panels, sensors and portable fire extinguishers. We help you to maintain code compliance with required data sheets, professional testing, inspections, maintenance and system monitoring 24/7/365. When you need answers to any questions regarding fire alarm systems for commercial property, HRSS has the answer.

HRSS is a leading fire and safety system consultant offering decades of experience in commercial fire alarm system design. We possess in-depth knowledge of high-tech fire alarm systems and evolving technology. Contact us today to learn more about your options when choosing commercial fire alarm systems.

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