How to Provide Training on Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm systemsBuilding owners must be familiar with their commercial fire alarm system by maintaining all documentation and providing end user training to all responsible building personnel. Building owners and managers should always know the location of all documentation related to their fire alarm system including installation and maintenance records, and manufacturer documents. This is necessary for fire and safety system companies to provide regular inspections and is vital information for first responders when arriving at an emergency.

Building personnel should be aware of where this documentation is located, how to respond to any fire alarm alerts and how to assist with an orderly evacuation to prevent panic and tragic loss of life.

End User Training Required for Fire Alarm Systems

Building owners should provide end user training to building personnel by developing a fire safety and evacuation plan. Training is a critical component of all fire and safety plans as personnel must know how to respond and assist during evacuation. Training should include practice drills and updates as necessary in the following areas:

  • Instructions for occupants to follow in case of emergency
  • A list of names and phone numbers of all personnel responsible for implementing safety or evacuation procedures
  • The name of the person designated to be liaison to first responders
  • A detailed evacuation plan of the entire building if necessary
  • Establishment of safe meeting place during emergencies
    • This should include plans and meeting places for extreme weather or workplace violence
  • A list of occupants with disabilities including their name, location and type of assistance needed

Once your plan is in place and meets the approval local and federal code requirements, your fire and safety plan with evacuation procedures should be posted in easily visible places such as in elevators and exit doorways.

Building owners and managers must ensure that all documentation is readily available with all required personnel trained in the procedures necessary to respond during emergencies.

High Rise Security Systems Offers Fire Alarm System Consulting

When you need assistance with fire alarm system design that is not only code compliant but designed around your unique specifications, contact the fire alarm system experts at High Rise Security Systems. HRSS offers decades of experience in designing fire alarm systems that meet all code requirements including special codes related to commercial and high rise properties in Chicago. We assist building owners with obtaining approval from your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with required data sheets. We go above and beyond code compliance to offer skilled fire alarm system design that is based on your unique industry or architectural design.

When you have questions about the requirements of your fire alarm system, including design, upgrades, documentation or end user training, contact HRSS for professional and experienced fire and safety system consulting.

High Rise Security Systems is a recognized leader in fire alarm system consulting, offering comprehensive services including system design, maintenance, testing, inspection and monitoring 24/7/365. Contact us to learn more about your requirements as a building owner and how we can help you achieve a safe and compliant system that meets your budget.

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