Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Requirements

fire extinquishiersIt is very important to maintain the recommended fire extinguisher maintenance requirements and have peace of mind that your portable fire extinguisher will work when needed in an emergency. Fire extinguishers provide a critical first line of defense against a fire before it becomes an uncontrollable blaze.  Commercial properties are required to have the proper type of fire extinguisher in the right location and to maintain regular inspections as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  

Companies are required to conduct internal inspections on a monthly basis on all portable fire extinguishers located on the property. These monthly inspections must be documented on the tag located on the fire extinguisher with at least the initials of the person who conducted the inspection.  In addition to the monthly inspections, annual inspections must be conducted by a licensed fire extinguisher professional and also recorded on the tag with their credentials.

Inspection Requirements for Portable Fire Extinguishers 

Internal fire extinguisher inspections must be conducted monthly by trained company personnel and should include the following:

  • Inspection of the pressure gauge which should be pointed to the green area indicating it’s pressurized and ready for use
  • Visual inspections of the exterior fire extinguisher to check for corrosion or rust on the unit
  • Overall verification of easy access and readiness

Annual inspections by a licensed fire extinguisher company must be conducted annually and should include the following:

  • Visual inspection for overall readiness
  • Verification of pressure gauge for adequate pressure
  • Inspection of valves and locking pins to be sure they are in the proper place and not damaged
  • Verification of the fire extinguisher weight and chemical compound
  • 6-year inspections due from extinguisher manufacture date
  • 12-year inspections including recharging and in-depth fire extinguisher maintenance service

High Rise Security Systems Provides Licensed Extinguisher Inspections

High Rise Security Systems is licensed in the State of Illinois to provide all fire extinguisher maintenance, inspections and repairs for extinguisher types.  We offer professional and experienced inspections on portable fire extinguishers rated for Class A, B, C, D, and class K fires.  Our knowledgeable technicians ensure that your fire extinguishers are ready to use as intended to provide critical defense against loss of lives and property.

We offer comprehensive fire and safety services to commercial properties in and around Chicago including fire alarm system design, maintenance, inspections, repairs and monitoring 24/7/365.  We provide only UL listed equipment and are NICET certified.  Contact us today to learn more about our fire and safety alarm services and for all your fire extinguisher maintenance.



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