Fire Extinguishers and Alarm Systems

fire extinguisher and fireFire extinguishers are a critical component of any fire alarm system, providing a critical first line of defense against a raging, destructive fire. Fire extinguishers are designed to fight particular classes of fires and should be carefully selected as part of your overall fire and safety system, unique to your structure and your operation. Working with an experienced fire and safety company will ensure that your fire extinguishers are the right type for your building and occupation.

A fire and safety company should design your entire fire alarm system around your unique structure, including the proper location and placement of portable fire extinguishers. Your occupation must also be considered to determine the right type of extinguisher is available. Maintaining all monthly and annual inspections is critical to ensuring the safety of your occupants and preventing property damage in the event of a fire.

High Rise Security Systems Offers Fire Extinguisher Alarm Systems

High Rise Security Systems is a recognized leading expert in fire and safety systems, including fire extinguisher alarm systems. We offer decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of fire system design which meets all required fire safety code regulations. We design your unique fire alarm system in AutoCAD software, meticulously outlining the location of each component including the right type of fire extinguishers.

We determine the appropriate type of extinguisher based on your building and operations, determine the optimum placement of all extinguishers and provide licensed service and fire extinguisher inspections. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, outlines all regulations related to fire extinguishers in NFPA10. HRSS is an authority on all fire code regulations, often consulted for our expertise in fire alarm system design, installation and operation. Our technicians are fully trained, certified and licensed to provide fire extinguisher alarm service in the State of Illinois.

Fire Extinguishers for Any Class of Fire

HRSS offers professional fire extinguisher alarm system service for any type of extinguisher to combat all classes of fires. The majority of portable fire extinguishers are dry chemical which is rated for either class A, B or C fires, and is effective by interrupting the chemical reaction occurring in the fire. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are only effective on class B or C fires and will not work on class A fires. Code regulations for carbon dioxide extinguishers are outlined in NFPA12.

Dry powder extinguishers are required to fight class D fires. Dry powder fire extinguishers effective extinguish fires by separating the oxygen from the fuel source which removes the heat. Extinguishers made for class D fires will be ineffective at extinguishing any other type of fire. Class K fires are those that erupt from hot oil or grease such as in the kitchen of a restaurant, which requires automatic fire extinguishers as part of their fire alarm system. NFPA17 outlines the requirements for these type of extinguishers which are a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Regardless of your building structure or business activities, HRSS has the knowledge and resources to provide the best first line of defense against destructive fires with fire extinguishers and alarm systems designed for your unique operations.

HRSS is a leading provider of fire and safety services, offering experienced fire alarm system design, UL listed equipment, inspections, repairs, maintenance and monitoring 24/7/365. We offer certified and licensed fire extinguisher alarm service which meets all local, state and federal fire safety regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our fire extinguisher and alarm system services.

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