Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU

Intelligent VESDA-E VEU aspirating smoke detectionThe Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU series includes the VEU-A00-NTF and the VEU-A10-NTF, which provide premium aspirating smoke detection.  These aspirating smoke detectors are seamlessly integrated on the SLC loop of Notifier fire alarm control panels to provide early warning.  The VESDA-E VEU provide 15 times greater sensitivity range than the VESDA VLP, with increased coverage in high airflow applications.  The VEU series fits perfectly in high ceilings and large open spaces with easy accessibility.

This series of aspirating smoke detectors utilize a CMOS imager in the revolutionary Flair detection chamber for direct imaging of even the smallest of particles with multiple photo-diodes.  The VESDA-E VEU series provides unmatched smoke detection with field programmability, connectivity and flexibility.  Two available models include the VEU with LED only or LED plus LCD display. 

Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU Features and Benefits 

This fire detection technology provides early warning in a wide range of environments with minimal nuisance alarms.  Features and benefits include:

  • Longer pipe runs for high area coverage
  • Four alarm levels with a wide sensitivity range
  • Extensive event log of 20,000 events for system diagnostics and analysis
  • Long life performance with multi-stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers
  • Instant status information with LCD display
  • Remote monitoring with iVESDA mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with VESDA VLP
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • FLAIR detection technology for reliable early smoke detection and warning
  • Alarm and trouble status reporting included

Specifications of the Intelligent VESDA-E VEU include:

  • Maximum total pipe length of 2,264 ft
  • Coverage area of 69,956 sq. ft. subject to regulatory requirements and system design
  • Single linear pipe run of 524 ft and 4-pipe use to 328 ft
  • Supports NFPA definitions of 80 VEWFD / 80 EWFD / 100 SFD sampling holes
  • Ultra-wide sensitivity range

The Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU meets the following agency listings:

  • UL/ULC
  • CSFM

HRSS Offers Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU

High Rise Security Systems offers fire and safety equipment from the leading manufacturers in fire safety, including Notifier® by Honeywell.  We provide fire and safety system consulting, testing, inspections, maintenance, repair and monitoring 24/7/365.  We protect commercial properties in and around Chicago with code compliant fire alarm systems designed to your unique specifications. 

Contact us for assistance in determining your fire alarm safety needs and for more information on Notifier’s aspirating smoke detection equipment.


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