Replace Legacy Fire Alarm Panels with New Notifier FireWarden Series

Remember the old Notifier AFP100, AFP200 and the AFP300? There are 1000s of these panels in the Chicago Metro area. These panels have more than 25+ years of history and are still out there in the marketplace protecting buildings. Well sometimes all good things come to an end and we are often given the task to expand, repair or replace these products.

Expanding these panels is not a problem because today’s field devices are compatible with Notifier old Classic SLC or Flashscan technology.

Though these systems have been true workhorses, at times a panel may run its life expectancy or be damaged by outside influences becoming inoperable and requiring replacement panel work. In the past, when such replacement action was necessary we would utilize the Notifier NFS320 panel at a cost +/- $ 2,000.00, depending on conditions.

Get More for Less with New Notifier NFW50X and NFW100X Panels

This month, Notifier has begun shipping 2 new panels marketed as the NFW50X and NFW100X panels.

There is a significant cost difference between the NFW50X/100X panels and a Notifier NFS320 panel.

And there are a few features that make the NFW50X and 100X very attractive when used to replace older AFP100, AFP200 or AFP300 panels.

  1. The NFW50X and NFW100X panels are 40% cheaper than the classic Notifier addressable panels.
  2. NFW50X and 100X communicate with Legacy SLC protocols, Flashscan and FireWarden Protocols.
  3. The NFW50X and 100X are 2” narrower than NFS320 when space is a concern.
  4. NFW50X and 100X have selectable EOL options avoiding the need to find existing EOL resistors.
  5. The NFW50X and 100X have both built-in dialers and IP options, eliminating the need for external digital dialers. This saves $300.00 to $400.00 in parts.
  6. The NFW50X and NFW100X are terrific options for both the fire alarm contractor and the user if replacing older panels is needed.

Contact HRSS to learn more about replacing or upgrading fire alarm panels, and to learn about the new Notifier NFW50X and NFW100X fire alarm panels.

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